2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup Odds & Betting Preview – May 31st Edition

Written by on May 30, 2019

France, Portugal, and Argentina are in action at the Under-20 World Cup Poland 2019 on Friday, May 31. All three heavyweight soccer nations are favored over their opponents. Are any in danger of losing? Check out FIFA U-20 World Cup odds, analysis, and free picks for the four matches on Friday!

2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup Odds & Betting Preview – May 31st Edition

Friday, May 31

Saudi Arabia hasn’t played all that well in their first couple of Under-20 World Cup matches. France beat them 2-0. Then in their second match, Mali took them down 3-4. Saudi Arabia must really step it up against Panama to have any shot of advancing out of their group.

Panama has been slightly better than Saudi Arabia, though. Panama lost 0-2 to France, but they they drew 1-1 with Mali. Panama offers decent odds. A better play is for the draw. Panama will play more in control. A draw might put them in a position to escape from their group while Saudi Arabia must be aggressive. The draw could be the way to go here.

Under-20 World Cup Betting Pick: Draw

France will move on no matter what unless they bomb in their final 2 matches in group play. The French are 2-0. They’ve got 6 points while Mali has 4 points. Mali might play for a draw here because they’re 3 points ahead of Panama.

France could be too talented to accept the draw. The French won’t push the pace too hard. They won’t just sit back and play keep away with Mali, either. France should score at least one goal while Mali will play defense in the hopes of not blowing their chances of advancing.

Under-20 World Cup Betting Pick: France

Group F is the deepest group. Argentina has 6 points, but South Korea and Portugal are tied with 3 points. Portugal must make a statement on Friday against South Africa, who has 0 points. How big of a statement will Portugal make?

The Portuguese will try to score at least 3 goals. They mustn’t catch Argentina, but they have to beat South Korea. The handicap might be the way to go here if you don’t want to back Portugal on the moneyline at low odds.

Under-20 World Cup Betting Pick: Portugal

Portugal beat South Korea. South Korea bounced back with a win over South Africa. Now, they have a shot to make life difficult for Argentina.

The Argentinians dominated South Africa 5-2. They then dominated Portugal 2-0. Argentina should have no trouble beating South Korea. Then again, they might play it safe because the chances of them not moving on are almost zero. Still, Argentina is almost too talented not to win on Friday.

Under-20 World Cup Betting Pick: Argentina