2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Match Day 3 Odds & Predictions

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Match Day 3 Odds & Predictions

Written by on June 17, 2019

Match Day 3 at the 2019 Women’s World Cup starts on Monday, June 17. On Monday, 4 matches take place with the most competitive appearing to be Spain versus China. Check out the 2019 Women’s World Cup odds, analysis, and a free pick for Spain-China along with the other three matches on June 17!

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Match Day 3 Odds & Predictions

  • When: June 7 – July 7
  • Where: France
  • TV: FS1, Telemundo

Monday, June 17

Germany vs South Africa

The only bet here is Germany -2 3/4 , -107. Although Germany only beat China by a goal and then only beat Spain by a goal, 1-0 in each match, the Germans should have no trouble beating South Africa at least 3-0 in this match.

South Africa has lost 2-7 to Norway, 1-3 to Spain, and 0-1 to China in their last 3 games. The South Africans have no shot of keeping this match close. Here’s where backing a team on the handicap, Germany in this case, makes the most sense.

Soccer Betting Pick: Germany handicap

Spain vs China

The Spanish are favored for a reason. They should win this game in regulation, but they face one of the toughest teams at the 2019 Women’s World Cup on June 17. China committed 19 fouls in the 0-1 loss to Germany. Versus South Africa, they played a slightly cleaner game, committing only 12 fouls.

China will do what it takes to keep Spain from scoring a goal. This one could end up in a draw with Spain extremely frustrated from beginning to end. The draw is +186.

Soccer Betting Pick: Draw

Norway vs Republic of Korea

Norway has played extremely well during the 2019 Women’s World Cup. In their first match, they dominated Nigeria 3-0. Then in their second match, they hung with France. Although the French beat the Norwegians, Norway only lost by a goal, 2-1.

South Korea, by contrast, has had a mess of a World Cup. France dominated them 4-0 while Nigeria beat them 2-0. Right now, the handicap on Norway is -1 ¼, -120. Norway should beat South Korea by at least 2 goals, meaning they’re a solid play on the handicap.

Soccer Betting Pick: Norway handicap

France vs Nigeria

France and the United States are the two most feared teams at the 2019 Women’s World Cup. The French dominated South Korea 4-0. They could only beat Norway by a single goal, 2-1, though.

Hanging with Norway won’t open the door for Nigeria to win on Monday. However, although Nigeria shouldn’t beat the French straight up, they could win on the handicap. Nigeria is +2 ¼, -107. France would have to beat Nigeria by at least 3 goals. The Nigerians are worth backing on the handicap, just like Norway and Germany are.

Soccer Betting Pick: Nigeria handicap

Tuesday, June 18

Australia vs Jamaica

Australia is a major favorite against Jamaica. The Australians should be. They lost only 1-2 to Italy in their first Women’s World Cup match. In their second match, they bounced back with a huge 3-2 win over Brazil.

Jamaica has been outscored a combined 8-0 in two World Cup matches. They fell 0-3 to Brazil and 0-5 to Italy. Australia should dominate but the handicap is a massive -3 3/4 goals. Australia could beat Jamaica by only three in this. Going with Jamaica at +3 3/4, -120 makes the most sense.

Soccer Betting Pick: Jamaica handicap

Brazil vs Italy

This is a key match for Brazil who dominated Jamaica but fell to Australia. Italy has looked fantastic in the 2-1 victory over Australia and the 5-0 beat down of Jamaica. Not only that, but Brazil might push too hard because they’re tied 3-3 in points with Australia in Group C.

Italy can catch Brazil on the counter. The Italians probably should be the favorites in this match. They deserve backing at the odds to get the job done in regulation.

Soccer Betting Pick: Italy

Wednesday, June 19

England vs Japan

This might be the best game in Matchday 2 at the 2019 Women’s World Cup. England has looked great in a couple of wins: 2-1 over Scotland and 1-0 over Argentina. However, Japan hasn’t played badly at all. The Japanese drew with Argentina 0-0 and then beat Scotland 2-1.

This match figures to end in a draw. The draw is at +219. Japan is a clear-cut second behind England in Group D with 4 points. They won’t push too hard. Neither will England who must just prevent an implosion to move on.

Soccer Betting Pick: Draw 

Argentina vs Scotland

Scotland’s group is brutal. England, Argentina, and Japan are all part of the group. Scotland must pick up a big win against Argentina and hope for rival England to dominate Japan. That’s not likely to happen. Expect the Scottish to take out their frustrations on the Argentinians after what’s already been a disappointing Women’s World Cup.

Soccer Betting Pick: Scotland

Thursday, June 20

Canada vs Netherlands

Both Canada and the Netherlands have 6 points in Group E. Neither squad must do much in this match to move on. That means both play conservatively throughout. A draw at +215 is the most logical outcome.

Soccer Betting Pick: Draw

New Zealand vs Cameroon

Neither New Zealand nor Cameroon has much shot of catching Canada or the Netherlands. This match is all about pride. Both of these squads have played hard, but not hard enough, in two losses at the Women’s World Cup. The key match was Cameroon’s 1-0 loss to Canada.

Cameroon really stepped it up in that one. They offer better odds than New Zealand here. It’s hard to see where New Zealand has the edge. Taking a shot on the dog in this match makes the most sense.

Soccer Betting Pick: Cameroon +179

USA vs Sweden

Here’s another match where the top two teams are running away with the group. The United States mustn’t beat Sweden to advance. Sweden mustn’t beat the U.S. Expect both teams, contenders to win the Women’s World Cup, to play this one like an international friendly.

The draw at +399 is the most appropriate wager. The U.S. can’t help but dominate in most matches. But, the Swedes are a powerful team that has a good history, a 1-1 draw versus the U.S. at the 2016 Olympics and a close 0-1 loss in 2017, versus the Americans.

Soccer Betting Pick: Draw

Chile vs Thailand

Thailand has -17 points in Group F. That makes them the worst team at the 2019 Women’s World Cup. At least they made the tournament, right? Chile should win on the handicap at -2, -109. That’s the only possible play on this match.

Soccer Betting Pick: Chile handicap