Northern Ireland vs Germany Euro 2016 Soccer Betting Pick

Northern Ireland vs Germany Euro 2016 Soccer Betting Pick

Written by on June 20, 2016

One of the more interesting aspects of Euro 2016 has been seeing the tournament grow from 16 to 24 teams for the first time ever. The addition of 8 new teams has meant that some of the smaller European nations have been able to get their day in the sun, and the surprising thing so far is that they have proven that they are not just there to make up the numbers. One of the best success stories so far has been Northern Ireland, as they enter the final round of games in the group stages with a legitimate shot at making it into the knockout rounds. The downside for the Irish is that they are probably going to have to pick up at least a point in their final game against Germany in Group C, which is a task that may be a little too much for them. Muddying the waters even further for Northern Ireland is the fact that the Germans want to win this group, which is not a given since they are tied with Poland right now. The betting odds are going to be heavily in favor of Germany for this one, but is there a chance we might see an upset?

Quick View on the Northern Ireland vs Germany Euro 2016 Soccer Betting Pick & Game Info

When: Tuesday, June 21 at 12 PM EST Where: Parc de Princes, Paris TV: ESPN Euro 2016 Odds: Germany at -1½

Why bet on Northern Ireland?

The Irish came into this tournament as one of the major longshots, and the general consensus was that they would be lucky to be able to pick up a single point. They fought gamely in their opener versus Poland, but eventually went down 1-0. They decided to open things up a little against Ukraine in their second game, and were rewarded with a well-deserved 2-0 win. They have an outside shot at landing one of the best 3 rd place finisher spots, which would take them to the Round of 16, even if they lose to Germany, but they would also need to try and keep the score respectable in the loss. A draw may be enough to see them through, but are they defensively sound enough to hold off the World Champions for 90 minutes?

Why bet on Germany?

The reigning World Champions have been efficient more than they have been good through their opening 2 games of the tournament, but the reality is, their play has been good enough to get them to the top of the group. They worked hard to break down a stubborn Ukraine team in a 2-0 win, and were the better team in the 0-0 draw with Poland, which was a result that a lot of people saw coming. The Germans seemed content to play for the draw with the Poles, as they knew they had Northern Ireland in the final group game. It’s all just a matter of getting the job done now.

Expert Betting Pick and Final Score Prediction

If you look at the online betting numbers put up by the bookies in major tournaments, the Germans are always among the favorites. They know how to navigate these types of tournaments, which is why I think they will score enough goals to secure the top spot in the group. Northern Ireland 0 Germany 4