PSG Odds To Win Champions League - Soccer Betting

PSG Odds To Win Champions League – Soccer Betting

Written by on July 24, 2020

With perennial-powerful French Ligue champion Paris Saint-German having nearly three months off from French Ligue 1 play after being named champions in April due to its coronavirus-halted campaign, questions are in the air as to just how competitive the top team in all of France will be once Champions League play resumes on August 7. Thankfully, you’re about to get the expert insight that you’ll need in order to determine whether or not PSG can actually hoist their first Champions League title. First, let’s take a look at their odds to win Champions League title, which feature PSG as the third favorite on the board at +500. Let’s find out the current state of the Paris Saint-Germain so you can plan ahead your bets against their Soccer odds.

PSG Champions League Odds Affected Without Playing Local Cup

Odds to Win 2020 Champions League Title

  • Manchester City +330
  • Bayern Munich +330
  • PSG +500
  • Barcelona +800
  • Atletico Madrid +800
  • Atalanta +1000
  • RB Leipzig +1400
  • Juventus +1600
  • Real Madrid +2500
  • Napoli +6600
  • Lyon +8000
  • Chelsea +20000

Rest vs. Rust

The French Ligue 1 was suspended on march 13 and PSG was named league champions on April 28 after the French Association announced it would end the 2020 campaign as it stood at the time. PSG was sitting atop the table, 12 points clear of second place Marseilles with a stellar 22-2-3 record. Will nearly three months off from competitive action be an advantage as PSG enters Champions League completely healthy or could the extra time off be a detriment as PSG needs a game or two to shake off the rust?

The Roster

While superstar striker Neymar gets the lion’s share of global media attention for PSG, the fact of the matter is that PSG has three other superstars in forward and team scoring leader Kylian Mbappe (18 goals) and fellow forwards Mauro Icardi (12 goals) and Angel DiMara (8 goals, 14 assists).

Champions League Play

If their play in the Champions League so far is any indication, then PSG will definitely live up to their odds as one of the top three favorites to win it all. PSG is 5-1-0 in six Champions League matches as they sit atop the Group A standings. Juventus is also 5-0-1 while Bayern Munich has an unblemished record at 6-0. In addition to that, PSG has scored 17 goals while allowing just two goals to lead the entire Champions League in fewest goals allowed.

Potential Finals Opponents

Last, but not least, PSG has been rock solid against every opponent they could face in the finals, if they get that far. PSG is 3-3-5 in their last eight against Barcelona. They’re also 3-0-3 in their last six against Bayern Munich. PSG is 3-3-2 against Chelsea and 1-3-0 against Napoli. PSG is also 3-3-4 against Real Madrid and 3-3-5 against Barcelona. The only team that PSG apparently can’t hang with is Juventus who they’ve gone 0-2-6 against. Still, their solid success against every other contender on the board leads me to believe that PSG could very well win the 20202 Champions League title despite having a ton of time off the pitch in recent months.