UEFA Euro 2020 Betting Update: Group A and Group B Winners & Losers

UEFA Euro 2020 Betting Update: Group A and Group B Winners & Losers

The UEFA European Championships Round of 16, also known as the knockout stage, starts on June 26. So far, most favorites have ruled. Each group will send 3 teams to the knockout stage. Check out an update on what has happened in Group A and Group B at the EURO 2020 tournament so you can continue betting against MyBookie’s Euro Cup odds

Soccer Betting | Euro Cup 2020 – Group A and Group B Update


  • When: June 11 – July 24

Group A Betting Update

  • Winner: Italy

On Sunday, June 20, Italy capped off group play with a 1-0 victory over Wales. In three matches, the Azzurri outscored their opponents a combined 7-0.

The Italians didn’t cede a goal while also dominating by scoring 3 goals against Turkey and Switzerland. Heading into the knockout stage, the Azzuri look like the best team at EURO 2020. 

Belgium is also playing great, but Belgium’s defense hasn’t locked down opponents like Italy’s. Give the Italians a big chance in the Round of 16.

  • Second-place: Wales

Although Italy beat Wales in their final group match, the Welsh have played great during EEURO 2020. 

The Welsh put together a winning strategy for their 3 games. In their first match versus Switzerland, Wales drew 1-1. The Welsh then stepped it up on offense in their second match, beating Turkey 2-0.

All Wales wanted to do in their third match was not get behind on the goal differential. They played defense against Italy, accomplishing their task. 

  • Third-place: Switzerland

The Swiss finished in third-place behind Wales due to a -1 goal differential. Switzerland drew with Wales, ran for shelter against Italy in a 3-1 bombing, and then blasted Turkey 3-1.

The Swiss stepped it up when they had to, which is why they’ll move to the knockout stage. 

Group B Betting Update

  • Winner: Belgium

FIFA’s top ranked international squad had no trouble during group play. Kevin De Bruyne wasn’t on the pitch in Belgium’s 3-0 victory over Russia. 

De Bruyne stepped onto the grass for the Belgians’ second match, a 2-1 victory over Denmark. Then in their third-match, even though a 2-goal victory wasn’t required, Belgium blasted Finland 2-0.

Like Italy, Belgium is playing lights out. Also like Italy, the Belgians should be considered a favorite in the knockout stage. Unlike the Azzurri, though, Belgium’s defense hasn’t played as well. 

So consider Belgium a favorite to win EURO 2020. But keep in mind how the defense has played. Depending on the opponent, the Belgians could be ripe for an upset loss. 

  • Second-place: Denmark

After Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field in Denmark’s first EURO 2020 match, it sure felt as if the Danes were in trouble. But Denmark rallied enough to grab second-place in Group B.

How? By stepping it up versus Belgium and Russia. After the 0-1 upset loss to Finland, Denmark scored first before Belgium beat the Danes 2-1.

The match versus the Russians was a thing of beauty. Denmark scored 4 goals against Russia in a 4-1 victory. The win leapfrogged Denmark to second-place ahead of Finland.

Even with Eriksen out, Denmark has shown they can hang with one of the beset squads at EURO 2020. Once the Round of 16 matches are set, depending on the Danes’ opponent, Denmark could make it to the quarterfinals and maybe beyond.  

  • Third-place: Finland

Finland beat a shocked Denmark squad in their first match. Russia beat Finland 1-0 in their second match. Belgium dominated the Finnish 2-0 in their third match.

Finland is lucky to have made it to the knockout stage. If not for Russia imploding against Denmark, the Fins may be going home. 

Getting lucky is okay. It won’t help the Finnish move beyond the final sixteen, though. Expect whichever team to draw Finland to make it to the quarters. 

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