UEFA Euro 2020 Betting Update: Group E and Group F Winners & Losers

UEFA Euro 2020 Betting Update: Group E and Group F Winners & Losers

This year’s EURO 2020 Round of 16 field is set. In the last couple of updates we discussed the top three finishers in Group A and Group B, and Group C and Group D. This update is all about the top three from Group E and Group F. Check out more information on the top three finishers in EURO 2020’s final two groups so you can continue making your bets against MyBookie’s Euro Cup odds

Soccer Betting | Euro Cup 2020 – Group E and Group F Update                                                             


  • When: June 11 – July 24

Group E Betting Update                                                                                                                           

  • Winner: Sweden

Sweden star Aleksander Isak has impressed so much that Liverpool and Real Madrid are in a battle for his services. Isak has yet to score a goal at EURO 2020. But it’s his play that led the Swedes to 2 victories and a draw in their 3 group matches.

In a 0-0 draw, Sweden played the perfect match against Spain. The Swedes then beat Slovakia 1-0 and Poland 3-2. Both victories are signs of how well Sweden is playing.

Their flexibility, led by Isak, bodes well for Sweden’s chances in the knockout stage. The Swedes battle the Ukraine on Tuesday. If Sweden beats the Ukraine, they play the England versus Germany winner in the quarterfinals.

Sweden has played well enough to make it to the EURO 2020 finals. Consider Sweden a live longshot to win EURO 2020.

  • Second-place: Spain

Until the 5-0 victory over Slovakia, Spain had looked mediocre. During some stretches in a 0-0 draw with Sweden and a 1-1 draw with Poland, the Spanish looked pathetic

But the dominant win over Slovakia may have righted the ship. Still, Spain has a tough road ahead to make it to the EURO 2020 semis, much less the final. 

The Spanish must get past Croatia. If that works out for them, they’re likely to have to take on and beat EURO 2020 favorite France in the quarterfinals. 

  • Third-place: Slovakia

Only 4 third-place teams from the 6 groups made it to the knockout stage. Slovakia wasn’t one of the teams. 

The Slovakians’ chances of moving to the Round of 16 blew up after Spain dropped 5 goals onto the pitch. 

Slovakia returns home with some positive things in tow. First, they beat Poland. Second, Sweden only beat them by a goal. The Slovakians can build on those two performances. 

Group F Betting Update

  • Winner: France

So far, France hasn’t played like the chalk. The French struggled in a 2-2 draw with Portugal and a 1-1 draw with Hungary. Also, the 1-0 victory over Germany comes with an asterisk.

Mats Hummels, a German player, scored the goal that led to France’s win. A team with Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema, and Paul Pogba is supposed to score more than 4 goals in 3 group stage matches.

Then again, France took on the Germans, Portuguese, and a decent Hungarian squad. So, maybe, France turns it on during the knockout stage.

In any case, France must get past a strong Swiss side before facing either Spain or Croatia in the quarterfinals. If France makes it to the semifinals, they’ll likely face Belgium, Italy, or Portugal. 

  • Second-place: Germany

At moments during group play, Germany looked like the best team on the planet. Their 4-2 victory over Portugal was a thing of beauty. But Hummels’ own goal cost Germany the Group F victory.

Also, the 2-2 draw with Hungary is almost inexplicable. Drawing 1-1 makes sense. But . . . 2-2?

We’ll soon know if Germany has what it takes to lift the EURO 2020 trophy. On June 29, Germany faces England. 

  • Third-place: Portugal

Portugal is one of the better teams at EURO 2020. In the group stage, Ronaldo and his mates did enough to grab a spot in the knockout stage. 

But there were moments in almost every match where Portugal’s defense fell apart. Giving up 4 goals to Germany is a bad sign. Giving up 2 goals to France isn’t great.

Portugal must face Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, and the rest of Belgium’s ridiculous squad in the Round of 16. If Portugal plays defense against Belgium the way it did versus Germany, De Bruyne will carve them up like a Christmas ham. 

It could get ugly for sure. But if Ronaldo and his mates aren’t as aggressive and push forward only when it’s right to do so, Portugal can pull off the upset. 

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