UEFA Euro 2020 Round of 16 Betting Odds & Picks

UEFA Euro 2020 Round of 16 Betting Odds & Picks

The EURO 2020 Round of 16 is here. Matches start on Saturday, June 16, and finish on Tuesday, June 19. Which teams will move to the quarterfinals and which squads will pack up their gear and head home? Check out Euro Cup odds, analysis, and picks for EURO 2020 Round of 16 matches. 

Euro 2020: Round of 16 Odds & Predictions – Soccer Betting

UEFA EURO 2020 Round of 16 Matches

  • When: Saturday, June 26 – Tuesday, June 29

Denmark (-123) vs Wales (+400)

  • When: Saturday, June 26

Wales did a great job making it this far. But the Welsh face a solid bunch on Saturday. On June 21, Denmark beat Russia 4-1. The Danes are hitting their stride, which means, they should have no trouble getting past Wales. 

Soccer Pick: Denmark   

Austria +1 ½ (-192) vs Italy -1 ½ (+143)

  • When: Saturday, June 26

It’s tough to disregard Austria. The Austrians are loaded with quality European club players. But Italy has played like the EURO 2020 winner. The Italians beat their three group stage opponents by a combined 7 goals to 0. Handicap odds on Italy make the Azzurri an overlay. 

Soccer Pick: Italy 

Czech Republic (+400) vs Netherlands (-153)

  • When: Sunday, June 27

As well as the Czech Republic has played, they shouldn’t beat the Netherlands. The Dutch are leaning on two great players, Lyon’s Memphis Depay and soon to be Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum. Those two players will carry the Netherlands to at least a 1 goal victory. If Depay and Wijnaldum get hot, don’t be surprised if the Dutch win this 2-0. 

Soccer Pick: Netherlands  

Portugal +210 vs Belgium +131

  • When: Sunday, June 27

Bruno Fernandes and Ronaldo have ensured Portugal scores goals. The problem the Portuguese have had in this UEFA European Championship is stopping their opponents from scoring. Germany lit up Portugal with 4. France scored 2. Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku are in top form. It’s difficult seeing Portugal getting past the world’s top-ranked international soccer squad.  

Soccer Pick: Belgium  

Spain (-163) vs Croatia (+459)

  • When: Monday, June 28

Spain versus Croatia is an odds match. What we mean by that is the Spanish are a tremendous overlay at -163. Spain looked great blasting Slovakia 5-0. Beating a Croatian team led by Real Madrid’s Luka Modric and the awesome Ivan Perisic is much different than slamming Slovakia, though. Croatia is worth backing because they’re a big overlay and Spain is a big underlay. 

Soccer Pick: Croatia 

Switzerland +1 ½ (-192) vs France -1 ½ (+144)

  • When: Monday, June 28

France’s offense hasn’t played great. The French scored a measly 3 goals during the group stage. But the Swiss are an underlay at -192. France can beat Switzerland by 2 or 3. They’re worth backing on the handicap. 

Soccer Pick: France

Germany (+190) vs England (+147)

  • When: Tuesday, June 29

Unless the English change their style, they won’t score enough goals against Germany to win this. The Germans have had issues on the defensive end. Deutschland has had no issues on the offensive end. England appears to want to score an early goal and play defense. That won’t work against Germany, who trounced Portugal 4-2 after giving up a goal in the fifteenth minute. Germany is the play. 

Soccer Pick: Germany 

Ukraine (+215) vs Sweden (+134)

  • When: Tuesday, June 29

Sweden won their group over Spain. The Ukraine is lucky to have gotten into the final 16. The Swedes have played like a potential EURO 2020 winner. The Ukraine hasn’t. See where we’re going with this? 

Soccer Pick: Sweden 

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