Sports Betting Tips Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

Sports Betting Tips: Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

Written by on August 29, 2017

Whether you’re a novice, a casual betting buff or more of an experienced online sports betting aficionado, you know should know that there’s nothing like tipping the odds in your favor. Say what? How is this possible you ask young Padawan? Let me count the ways young Jedi!

Teasers Bets

First up, you’ve got arguably my most favorite wager there is – the value-packed teaser bet. If you’re good, you could very well boost your annual betting bankroll in a big way. A teaser wager is a bet on two or more teams that you can get a fixed amount of points and adjust the odds in your favor! Yes, you heard that right. You get to adjust the line in your favor, making this one of the best ways to switch the roles and get an edge.

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For example: Let’s say the Seattle Seahawks are favored by seven points (-7) in one game and the Houston Texans are favored by ten points (-10) in a second game.
  • Chicago at Seattle -7
  • Cleveland at Houston -10
A six-point, two-team teaser would adjust the point spread six points in your favor. For example, Seattle would now be favored by one point (-7 + 6 = -1) and Houston would now be favored by four points (-10 + 6 = -4). See how simple it is?
  • Chicago at Seattle -1
  • Cleveland at Houston-4

How to Make Money Betting Teasers

If you’ve been betting for some time, then you know that there are many instances where you lose a bet by a close margin. Teaser bets are more suited for games and matches where you know a team will struggle to cover. So if you think that picking Houston -10 and Seattle -7 is a bit risky, then you can make things more favorable for you by getting a 6-point 2 team parlay. Sports Betting: Players are gambling that the Houston Texans will need to win by more than four points and Seahawks will win by more than one point. In this scenario, players are gambling that the Houston Texans will need to win by more than four points and Seahawks will win by more than one point. Best of all, you can increase the number of teams you want to add to your teaser. Just keep in mind that while teasers add points to your selection, it also increases the VIG you have to pay for each of your picks. Check with MyBookie sportsbook, but in today’s online sports betting world, you can generally make up to a 15-team teaser that could potentially bring you back thousands – if you nail each and every selection!

Buying Points

In today’s online betting era, most online sportsbooks allow you to but a half-point off the spread. For example let’s say you like the Buffalo Bills +10.5 points at home against the New England Patriots, you could then buy a half-point to give the Bills 11 points, with this generally costing the better a few dollars like moving from -110 to -120. New England at Buffalo +11 Most books aren’t real keen on letting bettors buy points on point spreads of 3 or 7 since those are frequent margin of victory numbers.

Alternate Point Spreads

Alternate point spreads are another great way to shift the odds in your favor. For instance, let’s say you see the New York Giants as -2.5-point home favorite at -115 against the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The alternate lines for that matchup could have the G-Men at would look something like this: New York -7 ½ (+230), New York +3 ½ (-230), New York -10 ½ (+330), and New York +7 ½ (-390). Alternate betting lines can be quite advantageous, particularly early on when teams have yet the reveal ‘who they really are.’