U.S. Politics & Trump 2020 Odds and Updates

U.S. Politics & Trump 2020 Odds and Updates

Written by on August 19, 2020

This week, the Democrats are having their virtual convention. Odds on Joe Biden to win the presidency took a downward turn, making him more of a favorite. But is Sleepy Joe the man to back to get rid of the Orange Menace? Or, will The Don provide a comeback for the ages? Check out odds on the top U.S. Politics wagers  an update on the U.S. Presidential Election!

2020 U.S. Presidential Election Odds

  • When: Tuesday, November 3

Who will win the U.S. Presidential Election?

  • Donald Trump +100
  • Joe Biden -170
  • Kanye West +9000
  • Hillary Clinton +5000
  • Mike Pence +8000
  • Michelle Obama +10000

The media fawned over Michelle Obama’s speech this past Monday. But, Michelle didn’t say a single thing about how Joe Biden was going to make things better.

The problem Democrats have with Trump is that he listened to their Short-Haired Gandalf, Dr. Fauci. So, when they talk about Trump destroying the nation with his administration’s response to the coronavirus, it falls on deaf ears.

Trump didn’t cause the pandemic and he’s pretty much done everything Fauci has said he should do. Even SH Gandalf has stated that kids should go back to in-person learning.

So, that’s the dilemma. The Dems want to convince the American public that they should vote out Donald Trump, but they don’t have any reasons why other than Trump is a bad, bad, man.

And . . . the Dems are running out of things to blame Trump for because they shot off all their bullets before deciding Dementia Joe was their go-to-guy.  

U.S. Presidential Election Pick: Donald Trump +100

Kanye West sends tweet supporting Donald Trump before Nov. 3?

  • Yes +160
  • No -200

This should happen. West cannot side with the Dems. The most important issue for Kanye West is abortion. The most important issue for the left opposite Kanye’s position is abortion.

West will forget about his Presidential run well before November 3. That means he backs Donald. 

U.S. Presidential Election Pick: Yes +160

To Win the Popular Vote in the 2020 Elections

  • Republicans +275
  • Democrats -500

Although everything points to the Democrats winning the popular vote, consider taking a stab on the Repubs. The Dems own the media save for Fox News. Plus, their most progressive candidates have beaten their more moderate candidates during the primaries. Finally, people lie about who they will vote for. 

It’s not popular to be a conservative in the U.S. Heck, it’s not even popular to be a moderate.

U.S. Presidential Election Pick: Republicans +275

2020 State-by-State Electoral College Winner: Arizona

  • Republican +150
  • Democrat -200

This is tough but Arizona has always leaned Republican. We should take the better odds.

U.S. Presidential Election Pick: Republican +150

2020 State-by-State Electoral College Winner: Florida

  • Republican +120
  • Democrat -160

Another tough one. However, Florida, like Arizona, also leans to the right. Florida ends up in Trump’s win column. 

U.S. Presidential Election Pick: Republican +120

Donald Trump Election Special

  • To Lose Electoral College & Popular Vote -225
  • To Win Electoral College, Lose Popular Vote +200
  • To Win Electoral College & Popular Vote +300
  • To Lose Electoral College, Win Popular Vote +2500

Orange Mussolini is one of the most hated Presidents in the history of the United States. He’s also one of the most beloved, though.

The bottom line? Sleepy Joe doesn’t seem to have much of a plan to make anything better for anybody. So far after a couple of days during their virtual convention, nobody has said anything other than Biden will “restore the honor of the office” or other nonsense like that.

American’s don’t care. Many will pull the trigger on Trump. 

Donald wins the electoral college but loses the popular vote. Although Trumpsters adore their hunchbacked, orange-haired, Tweeter-in-Chief, there are more that hate him. When it comes to the electoral college, though, Trump takes enough states to beat Joe Biden.  

Donald Trump Election Special Pick: To Win Electoral College, Lose Popular Vote +200

I have read enough, I need to place my bet now. What to do?

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