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Sportsbook Glossary: Tt


Tag Out Baseball
A tag out, sometimes just called a tag, is a play in which a base runner is out because he is touched by the fielder’s hand or glove holding a live ball while the runner is advancing.

Wagering on the underdog; taking the odds.

Territorial Cup College Football
The Arizona-Arizona State football rivalry, sometimes known as the Duel in the Desert, is a college football rivalry between the University of Arizona Wildcats and the Arizona State University Sun Devils.

A special bet in which you are able to adjust the point spread or total for a game. The more you change the spread, the lower the payout becomes.

Technical Knockout Boxing & MMA, Also known as TKO or T.K.O.
A Knockout is judging decision called by the referee or official ring physician when they decide that a fighter cannot safely continue the match.

Tee Golf
In golf, a tee is normally used for the first stroke of each hole.

Textile Bowl College Football
American college football rivalry game played annually by the Clemson Tigers football team of Clemson University and the NC State Wolfpack football team of North Carolina State University.

Thompson Cup College Football, also known as Army-Navy Game
College football rivalry game between the teams of the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, New York and the United States Naval Academy (USNA) at Annapolis, Maryland.

Third Saturday in October College Football
Also known as the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry, is an American college football rivalry game played annually by the Alabama Crimson Tide football team of the University of Alabama and Tennessee Volunteers football team of the University of Tennessee.

A wager.

A push, stand-off or a draw. A bet in which no money is lost nor won because the teams’ scores were equal to the number of points in the given line.

Tie Breaker
In games and sports, a tiebreaker or tiebreak is used to determine a winner from among players or teams that are tied at the end of a contest, or a set of contests.

Time Out
In sports, a time-out is a halt in the play. This allows the coaches of either team to communicate with the team, e.g., to determine strategy or inspire morale, as well as to stop the game clock.

Picks. The selections and predictions of competitors performance for an event from an expert or observer.

Touchback Football
In American football, a touchback is a ruling which is made and signaled by an official when the ball becomes dead on or behind a team’s own goal line (i.e., in an end zone) and the opposing team gave the ball the momentum, or impetus, to travel over or across the goal line. Such impetus may be imparted by a kick, pass, fumble, or in certain instances by batting the ball. A touchback is not a play, but a result of events that may occur during a play. A touchback is the opposite of a safety with regard to impetus since a safety is scored when the defending team is responsible for the ball becoming dead on or behind its own goal line.

A type of scoring in American and Canadian football equivalent to 6 points. Whether running, passing, returning a kickoff or punt, or recovering a turnover, a team scores a touchdown by advancing the ball into the opponent’s end zone. (TD)

An individual who sells their picks or their sports betting expertise to others.

Sports bet on whether the total score will be over/under a given mark.

Trifecta Horse Racing
A pool-based bet involving three selections from the same race. They must finish first, second and third in the predicted order to generate a return. A selection becoming a non-runner voids the bet.

Triple Crown Horse Racing
The Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, often shortened to Triple Crown, comprises three races for three-year-old Thoroughbred horses. Winning all three of these Thoroughbred horse races is considered a Thoroughbred racehorse’s greatest accomplishment. The three races that comprise the Triple Crown are the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

Two Minute Warning Football
In the NFL, the two-minute warning is given when two minutes of game time remain on the game clock in each half of a game, i.e. near the end of the second and fourth quarters. There is an additional two-minute warning in the rare event only two minutes remain in an overtime period. If the football is in play when the clock reaches 2:00, the two-minute warning is called immediately after the play concludes, when the ball is declared dead. The two-minute warning stops the game clock in all cases.

Two-point Conversion Football
In American and Canadian football, a two-point conversion is a play a team attempts instead of kicking a one-point conversion immediately after it scores a touchdown. In a two-point conversion attempt, the team that just scored must run a play from close to the opponent’s goal line (3-yard line in Canadian, 3-yard line in amateur American, 2-yard line in professional American) and advance the ball across the goal line in the same manner as if they were scoring a touchdown. If the team succeeds, it earns two additional points on top of the six points for the touchdown. If the team fails, no additional points are scored. In either case, the team proceeds to a kickoff.