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Sportsbook Glossary: Ss


Sacrifice bunt Baseball, also called a sacrifice hit
A sacrifice bunt is a batter’s act of deliberately bunting the ball, before there are two outs, in a manner that allows a runner on base to advance to another base. The batter is almost always sacrificed (and to a certain degree that is the intent of the batter) but sometimes reaches base due to an error or fielder’s choice. Sometimes the batter may safely reach base by simply outrunning the throw to first; this is not scored as a sacrifice bunt but rather a single.

Safety Football score
In professional and College football, the safety (American football) or safety touch (Canadian football) is a scoring play which results in two points being awarded to the scoring team. Safeties can be scored in a number of ways, such as when a ballcarrier is tackled in his own end zone or when a foul is committed by the offense in their own end zone.

Safety Car Auto Racing
Safety Car safety car or pace car is a car which limits the speed of competing cars on a racetrack in the case of a caution period such as an obstruction on the track or bad weather. The aim of the safety car is to enable the clearance of any obstruction under safer conditions, especially for marshals and/or await more favourable track conditions weather-wise.

To win a race or a bet.

Score Sheet
The sheet, box or recording system used to display the score and game or event’s progress.

The withdrawal of a competitor.

Second Half Bet
A bet on the second half of a game.

A professional, savvy sports bettor.

Shula Bowl College Football
An annual college football rivalry game between the Florida Atlantic University Owls and the Florida International University Panthers.

Sharp Line
A game in which the maximum bet is raised. This is usually done only for games involving the most popular teams and that are televised. Monday Night Football games and Final Four basketball games would be good examples.

Shootout Ice Hockey
A series of penalty shots by both teams to determine the winning team after a regulation game and overtime period ends in a tie. In the NHL this occurs only during the regular season.

Shorthanded Ice Hockey
A team is said to be shorthanded when they have fewer players on the ice than the opposing team as a result of a penalty or penalties.

Short Odds
An alternative term for low odds.

Shortening Odds
Odds that are getting lower.

Shot Clock
A shot clock is used in some sports to quicken the pace of the game. It is normally associated with basketball, but is also used in snooker, pro lacrosse, water polo, korfball, and ten-pin bowling. It is analogous with the play clock used in American and Canadian football.

Term used to describe a 3rd place finish.

Shut Out
In sports betting, when the losing team does not score.

Picking a team to win or cover a pointspread (non total wager).

The names of the two teams playing: the underdog and the favorite.

A "straight" bet on one selection to win one race or event.

Single Elimination
A single-elimination tournament – also called an Olympic system tournament, a knockout (or, knock-out), single penetration, or sudden death tournament – is a type of elimination tournament where the loser of each bracket is immediately eliminated from winning the championship or first prize in the event.

Slashing Ice Hockey
The act of contacting an opponent’s body or stick with one’s own as a result of a swinging motion. A penalty

Stake not returned free bet/bonus.

Point Spread.

Spread Betting Also, Action Line or Money Line
The amount that must be wagered to win $100, or the amount won for a $100 wager. A bet is won or lost according to whether you correctly predict the result of an event (also known as ‘action line’ or ‘money line’). Returns or losses are calculated in proportion to how right or wrong the bettor is, and can lead to huge returns or losses.

Player that is always on favorites and overs. This player is usually on the same side as the general public and is considered as a gambling fool by the bookmaker.

Refers to the amount, which is placed as a bet.

Stanley Cup Ice Hockey
Championship of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Starting Pitcher Baseball
In baseball or softball, a starting pitcher or starter is the first pitcher in the game for each team.

When a betting line starts to move quite rapidly; most "steam but are games that the mass of bettors somehow decide to key on.

Steam Move
A sudden drastic and uniform line movement across the entire sports betting marketplace.

Stolen Base Baseball
A stolen base occurs when a runner advances to a base to which he is not entitled and the official scorer rules that the advance should be credited to the action of the runner. The umpires determine whether the runner is safe or out at the next base, but the official scorer rules on the question of credit or blame for the advance under Rule 10.

An unplanned time-out in sport.

Straight Bet
Another term for a bet to win (i.e. "straight, place and show").

Submission Boxing & MMA, also referred to as a ‘tap out" or "tapping out"
A submission is a combat sports term for yielding to the opponent, and hence resulting in an immediate defeat.

Sucker Bet
A slang term for a "bad" bet, one that significantly favors the bookmaker.

Superfecta Horse Racing
A pool-based bet involving four selections from the same race. They must finish first, second, third and fourth in the predicted order to generate a return. A selection becoming a non-runner voids the bet.

Sure Thing
Any bet that has very little chance of losing.

Winning all games in a series. Major League teams usually play each other in a 3 or 4 game series of games. A sweep is winning all of the games in a series. In the playoffs, it refers to winning the series 4 games to 0.