5 Reasons Why Mike Tyson Will Win On Nov. 28 - Boxing Lines

5 Reasons Why Mike Tyson Will Win On Nov. 28 – Boxing Lines

Written by on November 19, 2020

In less than ten days, two of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport step into the ring to determine who is better. Iron Mike Tyson, the most feared fighter in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s takes on one of the best pound-for-pound boxers of all time in Roy “Superman” Jones Jr. It’s time to get to the important stuff regarding the fight. Check out the 5 reasons Iron Mike Tyson beats Roy Jones Jr. on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That said, let’s get right to it so you can keep making your bets for the fight against our Mike Tyson odds.

 Mike Tyson Vs Jones Jr. – 5 Reasons Iron Mike Wins on Nov. 28

 Top 5 Reasons Iron Mike Tyson Beats Roy Jones Jr.

  1. Mike’s in great shape

Everybody who has seen Tyson the past month or so have done a double-take. Tyson, supposedly, went from close to 300 pounds down to 212. When Tyson fought professionally, 210 to 212 was his best weight.

Not only that but it’s clear that Iron Mike has laid off the sauce and that he’s eating healthy. He seems ready and willing to get into the ring, a great sign that we will see the best a 54-year-old former champion can do.

  1. Tyson only knows how to fight hard

When promoters first came up with the idea of Tyson versus Jones Jr., they considered a four-round exhibition bout where both fighters could take it easy. That sounded too much like a glorified sparring session for Iron Mike.

Mike later admitted that he only knows how to fight hard. Even when he was at his worst, snorting a lot of cocaine, eating bad, not training, he gave it his all in the ring.

  1. Iron Mike’s mental shape is as good as his physical shape

In the last couple of interviews, the charming, non-hubristic, almost shy Tyson has emerged. Mike seems happy. That’s something knew for one of the most troubled boxers in the history of the sport. If his mind stays as healthy as his body for the next week or so, Roy Jones Jr. could be in some trouble.

  1. Tyson hasn’t lost any power

Can anybody deny that Mike Tyson still has the famous power that he displayed while heavyweight champion? Tyson’s power comes from his unbelievable balance, hips and shoulders. Tyson throws perfect power punches.

Those power punches will land with the same ferocity as they did when he was 20-years-old. Why? Tyson hasn’t changed how he throws a punch, which means each delivery will have come from perfectly placed feet, perfectly placed hands, twisting hips, and snapping lat muscles.

  1. Mike wants to win

Tyson has been downright giddy in interviews leading up to this fight. He’s like a kid in the candy store. For starters, it’s apparent he misses the competition. Also, as he’s trained, Iron Mike has gotten into better and better shape. He feels good.

Mike wants to win. That’s apparent. It’s also obvious that he’s taking the fight seriously, which means on Nov. 28 we should see the best Mike Tyson possible.

Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr. – Frontline Battle Stats


Mike Tyson
Roy Jones Jr.
NicknameIron MikeCaptain Hook
HometownNew York City, New York, U.S.Pensacola, Florida, U.S.
Pre-fight record50–6 (44 KOs)66–9 (47 KOs)
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
RecognitionFormer undisputed heavyweight championFormer IBF middleweight, IBF super middleweight, undisputed light heavyweight, and WBA heavyweight champion
Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr.

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