Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs Logan Paul Boxing Odds & Pick

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs Logan Paul Boxing Odds & Pick

Written by on June 6, 2021

After the biggest buildup for an exhibition bout in history, YouTube star Logan Paul, 3-0 undefeated boxer Jake Paul’s older brother, steps into the ring against one of the greatest pugilists in history, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. The time for talk is over. Last week we ran through the best prop bets. This week’s Paul versus Mayweather article is about who wins the bout. Check it out so you can get all set to make your bets against their Boxing odds.

Boxing Betting Preview for Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs Logan Paul Odds & Fight Info

  • When: Sunday, June 6
  • Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL
  • TV / Streaming: Showtime
  • Boxing Odds: Mayweather -900 / Paul +550

Keys for a Floyd Mayweather Jr. victory

Mayweather Jr. must stay out of trouble. His biggest issue will be dealing with Logan Paul’s weight and height advantage. 

At some point in the fight, Floyd must get close to Paul. If he doesn’t use his experience to get close enough to Paul to land knockout punches, things could go bad for Floyd.

One of the things Mayweather Jr. must be aware of is Paul’s power. Even though Floyd is vastly superior to Logan in terms of boxing skill, Paul will enter the ring the much bigger man. 

Floyd mustn’t discount Paul’s ability to hurt him with one of those thunderous punches. If Floyd is overconfident, and doesn’t use his defensive skills, LP could get lucky.  

How can Logan Paul pull off the greatest upset in history?

Paul should use his height and weight advantages. Logan’s greatest strength is his physical assets.

Logan mustn’t get overly excited, which means he should force Mayweather Jr. into action. Remember, there are no judges. Mayweather has made some bold claims, which means Money must knock out Logan Paul or the fight, in the eyes of boxing fans at least, is a loss.

Floyd has way more riding on this than Paul does. So what Logan should do is get in the ring, wait for Floyd to come to him in the early rounds, take Floyd’s shots while covering up and wait for Mayweather to slow down in the later rounds.

If Paul uses his physical advantages, leans on Floyd in the clinch, covers up when Floyd flurries, and then waits until the 44-year-old loses some steam, who knows? Maybe, Logan gets in a lucky punch. 

Final Betting Prediction for Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.

There are a few ways to look at this fight. First, Floyd dominates from beginning to end and then knocks Logan Paul out whenever he feels he’s had enough.

Second, Paul lands a lucky punch and flattens Money. Third, Floyd struggles to win the fight while Paul takes all of his punches and has his Rocky moment.

All three scenarios are possible. On one hand, Floyd has looked as fast ever. On the other hand, Mayweather Jr. has never fought someone so much bigger and taller than he is. 

So, Floyd has trained great. But he hasn’t trained or sparred with someone as athletic as Logan Paul. Paul hasn’t trained or sparred with someone who is a Mayweather clone.

From a boxing handicappers point of view, there are two bets to consider. First, either you go with Logan and hope he lands a few lucky punches. Or, second, you choose one or two rounds and back Floyd to knock him out.

Those are the only two scenarios worth betting. The most likely scenarios is Floyd takes his time and waits until the seventh or eighth to flatten Logan. 

By the seventh or eight round, Paul won’t have the same stamina he did in the first. Remember, Conor McGregor tired against Mayweather and McGregor is one of the best in shape humans on the planet. 

Floyd will give the fans their money’s worth. If he doesn’t, nobody will pay for his next exhibition bout. 

Boxing Pick: Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins via KO in Round 7 or Round 8


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