Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Boxing Update

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Boxing Update

Written by on March 2, 2021

Just when we thought Floyd had decided to bench Logan Paul for Jake Paul, news broke last week that the Logan versus Floyd boxing match remains a go. Check out where we stand and why we’re likely to see Mayweather Jr. and Paul throw down some time in April or May.  Let’s get right to it so you can keep planning your bets against their Floyd Mayweather odds.

Mayweather Next Fight Update: Logan Vs Floyd is Still On

Logan Vs Floyd – The Latest News

ESPN’s Eric Woodyard tweeted last week that the Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Logan Paul fight is still on and that a new announcement date is coming soon. Fanmio CEO Solomon Engel said on Feb. 2 that the scheduled exhibition bout had been postponed from its original Feb. 20 date.

Since the second of February, boxing fans have waited for any news regarding the fight. Woodyard’s tweet gives the impression that Floyd’s and Logan’s camps are close to a date for the bout.

Expect an announcement in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime check out why we believe Floyd will decide to fight LP in early April.

Why Mayweather will fight Logan Paul in early April

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is nothing if he isn’t a shrewd businessman. The greatest welterweight in history, and one of the Top 5 boxers in the history of the sport, may want to double-up on the Paul brothers.

If Floyd believes Jake Paul beats Ben Askren on April 17, he will want to get his fight with Logan Paul out of the way. Why? A Jake Paul versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout is much bigger than a Floyd versus Logan bout.

If JP beats Askren, he will have beaten a professional MMA fighter, one with 2 losses on his record. So the real prize from Money Mayweather is a bout with Jake Paul, not a Logan Paul match. 

Now, if Mayweather can end LP’s boxing career and make $20 million in the process before fighting Jake Paul, that’s what Floyd will do.

Why Mayweather won’t fight Logan Paul in May

Floyd could wait to fight Logan Paul in May. But if he waits until then, who knows if anyone will care? Money has a dilemma.

If he waits to fight Logan Paul in May and Jake loses to Ben Askren, nobody will care about a Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather fight. If Jake beats Ben, Floyd can immediately sign a deal with Jake and fight Jake after he fights Logan.

So, really, Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants to beat Logan Paul before April 17 just in case Jake Paul falls to Ben Askren. If Ben beats Jake, there’s no reason for Floyd to beat up the other Paul.

But if Jake beats Ben, Floyd and JP can market the summer bout as the Revenge for My Brother vs. the Logan Brother Killer boxing match of the century. Also by the summer, they can sell tickets and we know for a fact that both Jake Paul and Floyd will market the fight ad nauseum.


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