Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren: Paul Emerges As the Boxing Odds Favorite

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren: Paul Emerges As the Boxing Odds Favorite

Written by on April 16, 2021

April 17 is here. The much discussed, much frowned upon, much disgusted by battle between Jake Paul and Ben Askren is about to happen. As we head into fight night, YouTube star Jake Paul has taken the betting reigns. Paul had gone all the way down to -120. But on the eve of the boxing match, JP is a solid -190 chalk. Will Ben Askren make the youngster look silly? Or will Jake show that we should all take him seriously as a boxer? Let’s have a final look at the highly anticipated bout of Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren so you can get all set to make your bets against their Boxing odds.

Jake Paul Grabs Betting Momentum | Boxing Lines

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren Odds & Fight Info

Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren April 17th Thriller Fight

Why bet on Jake Paul at -190?

Paul has looked better training, he should have the stronger punch, and he’s hungry to dominate Ben Askren. No matter what you think about Jake Paul, he’s also got the mind for boxing.

He doesn’t seem to have any fear while he’s willing to put in the work. That’s one thing that’s been lost during the lead up to the fight. JP works as hard as any professional boxer.

Yes, he’s a showman, like when he dragged the fire truck down the street. But he’s also got an incredible work ethic. He’s not taking this fight as a joke and because of that, we must take him seriously.

Why bet on Ben Askren at +160?

While Jake Paul has trained like a demon, Ben Askren has trained like a veteran. He’s much older than JP. So, Askren can’t go all out like the twenty-four-year-old.

The biggest knock against Askren is that he doesn’t have stand-up skills. We don’t know if that’s true. Boxing is very different than MMA. In boxing, though, it’s all about stance and shoulder and hip movement. If Askren has learned those things, he’ll have an edge.

Ben doesn’t have to learn not to get hit. He has to learn not to get hit hard. If he’s learned that, he’ll have an edge because Askren has taken strong punches and has had to wear down opponents, which is the strategy he’ll use on Saturday night.

Paul Vs Askren Final Betting Analysis

One of the most underrated skills in MMA and boxing is knowing how to roll with punches. Professional boxers understand that every time they step into the ring, they’re going to get hit.

So the key isn’t to not get hit. The key move with the punches, roll your head in the direction of the punch not opposite the punch, to lessen the blow. Askren knows how to do that.

He had to roll with punches when he was at UFC. He also had to know how to move his opponent around and clinch effectively.

If Askren does those things on Saturday night, he should have no trouble beating Jake Paul. No matter how much JP has trained, he hasn’t fought enough professional rounds to go much longer than 9 to 12 minutes.

9 to 12 minutes in boxing is 3 to 4 rounds. Paul won’t be able to use his height and reach the way he did versus amateurs. Ben faced taller guys in MMA and he still found a way to close the distance.

There’s also the chance that instead of standing his ground, Jake Paul tries to move away from Askren. That could lead to an even bigger problem because the more Paul wastes energy moving away from the smaller man, the more he plays into Ben Askren’s hands.

Yes, Jake Paul looks like the stronger, harder hitting opponent. But Paul has never fought a true professional. Ben Askren isn’t a professional boxer. But he is a professional combat sports athlete. Askren’s experience is what will lead him to the victory on Saturday night.

Paul Vs Askren Pick: Ben Askren wins via Round 5 TKO


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