Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Boxing Betting Analysis: JP and Woodley Will Have their Rematch

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Boxing Betting Analysis: JP and Woodley Will Have their Rematch

It appears the Jake Paul versus Tyron Woodley rematch will happen after all. Many believed Paul would never fight Woodley again. But after Tommy Fury, Tyson Fury’s brother, pulled out of the fight against Jake, Paul picked up the phone and gave Woodley a ring. The former UFC Champion would like nothing more than to have another crack at Jake Paul. Check out why Fury pulled out of the match, the chances of Woodley being ready off short notice, and the things we learned from the first fight. Let’s jump right into action so you can plan your bets against their Boxing Odds.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 Is a Go | Boxing Lines

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 Odds and Fight Info

  • When: Saturday, Dec. 18
  • Where: Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL
  • TV / Streaming: Showtime PPV
  • Boxing Odds: Paul -275 / Woodley +200

Why did Tommy Fury pull out of his boxing match versus Jake Paul?

Per Tommy Fury, a medical condition caused him to withdraw. Although Jake tried to imply Fury was scared, it’s difficult to think it was anything other than a medical condition.

By not fighting Jake Paul, Tommy Fury and his camp will lose a massive, huge, payday. Fair or unfair, Jake is one of the biggest draws in boxing. 

Fury, his father, and everyone on his side were going to make more money than they ever have in a single fight. Heck, they were probably going to make more money than Tommy has made in his previous seven bouts combined.

Money talks. So we must assume that Tommy did withdraw due to a medical condition. 

Will Woodley be ready to fight on such short notice?

He should be. Most likely after his close loss to Jake, Woodley got a taste for boxing. It’s not difficult to imagine Tyron has stepped into the ring to spar and train close to everyday after the bout.

Not only that, but athletes like Woodley are always in good shape. About five minutes after the fight, Tyron started begging for a rematch and now he’s getting it. 

If Woodley isn’t one-hundred percent two weeks out, he will be by the time he laces them up on fight night. 

What did we learn from the first fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley?

We learned a few things. First, we learned that Jake Paul will go at it versus a tough fighter. Tyron Woodley isn’t a boxer per se, but he’s trained in boxing and has a great chin.

Second, we learned that Paul isn’t scared and third we learned that Paul is taking boxing seriously. Now, all of those things won’t necessarily add up to another victory.

In fact, it’s surprising that Jake is such a big favorite. Woodley showed in the first fight that he has enough speed to get to Paul. Tyron made mistakes, but so did Jake.

If Woodley fixes the errors, especially moving backwards in a straight line, which is a recipe for disaster, the fight will be much closer than the odds. Next week, we’ll take a closer look at the advantages both boxers will carry into the ring.


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