Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Betting Update: Will The Celebrity Boxing Trend Continue?

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Betting Update: Will The Celebrity Boxing Trend Continue?

At 3-0, most consider Jake Paul a celebrity boxer. That could change on August 28. On that day, Paul takes on Tyron Woodley. If JP can get past Woodley, a former UFC Champion with excellent striking skills, he’d be ready to fight a professional boxer in his next bout. Check out more information on the celebrity boxing trend along with a prediction on how much longer it will continue. Let’s get right to it so you can continue betting against MyBookie’s Boxing Lines.

Celebrity Boxing Trend Analysis and How Long Could it Continue

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Celebrity boxing matches has a long, and often ridiculous, history

If you thought Jake and Logan were the first celebrities to lace on a pair of gloves, you are sorely mistaken. Celebrity boxing has had a long history. 

In 2002, FOX created a show called, well, Celebrity Boxing. The show was a mess. Such luminaries as Dustin Diamond from Saved By the Bell fought 70’s star Ron Palillo. We’re not sure who he is, either.

Shaquille O’Neal added some gravitas to the idea of celebrities fighting boxers when he took on Oscar De La Hoya in one season and Shane Moseley in another in his 2009 show Shaq vs. 

The Kardashians put on an interesting celebrity boxing event for charity the same year dubbed Kardashian Charity Knock-Out. Kim wrote in her blog, It was absolutely insane but at the end of the day, we did this for charity and that’s what counts. You can try to bring the Kardashians down, but we’re a strong family.”

So the Paul brothers didn’t create celebrity boxing matches. They’re just taking advantage of them and making a ton of money. Who can fault them for that?  

Why are celebrities boxing? Because boxing fans pay to watch

The reason Jake and Logan are making tons of money is because people like to watch celebrities hit each other. On June 11, folks tuned into a match between former Teen Choice winner Aaron Carter and former NBA star Lamar Odom.

Lamar, who is 10 inches taller than Carter, knocked him out. Odom didn’t let up on the smaller man, dominating in an easy win.

Odom now wants to fight Jake Paul. JP may not take the fight, but before getting into that, we should say one more thing about why people want to watch celebrities box.

There are no real stars in pro boxing outside of Canelo Alvarez and, possibly, Manny Pacquiao. Pac is old. Canelo can’t fight every month. 

Awesome pugilists like Terence Crawford rarely fight and when TC does lace on the gloves it’s never against someone who can give him a challenge. So why not watch B-list celebrities pummel each other when the best in the business don’t care to box each other? 

Why real boxers and real boxing fans hate the celebrity fighting trend

For obvious reasons, real boxing fans and real boxers detest the celebrity fighting trend. Boxing fans will tune in to Paul versus Woodley, but we should make something clear. JP against Tyron is an actual fight.

Woodley has good enough skills to get to Paul. Jake has shown he can box, which should make for an actual, awesome, boxing match.

The Mayweather versus Logan bout was a disaster, though. Some tried to write it off as an entertaining match. Most boxing fans saw it for what it was, an inexperienced fighter against an older boxer who has diminished skills.

Don’t expect a ton of eyeballs on Mayweather’s next bout. He dazzled nobody.

Pro boxers hate the idea of missing out on big paydays. But at the end of the day, the public pays for entertainment, not to watch great boxing, which is sad, but true.

Will the celebrity boxing trend continue?

It depends on a couple of things. First, will pro boxing pick up the pace? If boxers like Shakur Stevenson, Timefeo Lopez, Nayoa Inoue, Terence Crawford, and others fight more often, real boxing will eventually overtake celebrity boxing.

Second, what will happen in Woodley versus Jake Paul? If Woodley knocks out Jake, or doesn’t fight well, forget it. Nobody will watch JP versus Lamar Odom.

If Jake Paul wins, he will likely move into the pro boxer category. So, really, the end or continued rise of celebrity boxing depends on pro. Canelo is doing his part. He tries to fight every three or four months.

The more great boxing cards with professionals, the better it will be for the industry. But if pros don’t want to step it up, celebrities like the Paul brothers, Odom, and others, are more than happy to bank a million for, in many cases, a few minutes of work.  


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