Floyd Mayweather vs Deji Olatunji Odds, Prediction & Analysis - Boxing Lines

Floyd Mayweather vs Deji Olatunji Odds, Prediction & Analysis – Boxing Lines

One of the greatest pugilists in boxing history is back at it. On Sunday, Nov. 13, Floyd “Money” Mayweather throws down against Deji Olatunji in what should be an interesting, if not competitive, bout. If you don’t know who Olatunji is, don’t worry. Below we provide a profile. We also remind everyone of who Floyd is and why the odds, no doubt, will favor money by a massive amount. Depending on the odds, Money versus Deji will show up on our Boxing Events blog for tomorrow so you can get ready to place your bets against the Boxing Lines

Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Deji Olatunji on Nov. 13th at Dubai

Mayweather vs Olatunji Event Info

  • When: Sunday, Nov. 13 at 1:00 pm ET
  • Where: Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai, UAE
  • TV/Streaming: DAZN 

Who is Deji Olatunji?

Olatunji is KSI’s brother. So it makes sense, at least in a strange way, that like his bro, Deji would want to step into the boxing ring.

Olatunji has 10 million YouTube followers, he’s a content creator, actor, and all around entrepreneur. Mayweather, also an entrepreneur, must have big time respect for how Olatunji has made money.

Deji has limited boxing skills. In his first amateur fight, Jake Paul knocked him out. Then in he lost his next 2 exhibition bouts. 

Olatunji did win his first professional bout, beating YouTuber Fousey via knockout. Deji believes his youth, he’s 25, gives him an edge over Mayweather. 

Who is Floyd Mayweather?

Mayweather’s former nicknames are “Money” and “Pretty Boy”. Since retiring from professional boxing, Floyd has taken on a new nickname, “TBE”, The Best Ever. 

Although it’s difficult to say Floyd is the greatest boxer of all time, there are too many greatest of all time fighters to choose from, it’s also difficult to argue against anybody who makes the case that Mayweather is the sport’s TBE.

Floyd retired from professional boxing with a 50-0 record. Among his conquests were Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto, and Canelo Alvarez. 

In the ring, Mayweather perfected the shoulder roll, which means Floyd was a master of distance. He rolls his shoulder to prevent his opponent from hitting him with shots, by rolling the shoulder back with counter punches, Floyd closes the distance on his opponents.

Expect a lot of shoulder rolling on Sunday afternoon. 

Again, it’s difficult to say Floyd is the greatest of all time because history has so many great boxers. But it’s also difficult to say Floyd isn’t the greatest. Tactics like the shoulder roll is why Mayweather is in the top five. 

What are the predicted odds for the fight?

Deji Olatunji must believe speed, youth, and toughness, all three of which he possesses, is enough to beat a pro boxer. The problem is that learning how to close the distance with a shoulder roll, or with your feet for that matter, takes years of practice. 

It doesn’t happen over night. Floyd can see the distance ahead of him. He didn’t use the shoulder roll against Logan Paul because Floyd knew his best chance was to prevent Logan from hitting him with powerful power shots from a distance.

But versus Olatunji, Floyd might employ some of his more famous tactics.

Oddsmakers know this. They also know that even at Floyd’s age, his boxing IQ far exceeds Deji’s. So we should expect Mayweather to enter the ring at least a -850 choice. He could end up a -1500 to -2000 choice depending on what the oddsmakers think of Deji’s last bout.  


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