Mike Tyson Vs Jones Jr Boxing Lines - Who Wins on Nov. 28th

Mike Tyson Vs Jones Jr Boxing Lines – Who Wins on Nov. 28th

Written by on November 26, 2020

After months of interviews, training videos, and historical perspective, two of the greatest fighters in the history of boxing step into the ring to decide who is best. On Saturday, November 28, Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson will throw down in what should be an intriguing, exciting, and possibly career restarting battle. Check out keys for both men to take the victory along with a betting analysis pick so you can make your bets against our Mike Tyson odds!

Iron Mike Tyson Vs Roy Superman Jones Jr. – Who Wins on Nov. 28?

Why Roy Jones Jr. will win at +170 odds

As the underdog, most expect Mike to take Roy out with one of his devastating punches. But Jones Jr. has one of the most keen boxing minds in the history of the sport. Superman knows boxing so well that he was a regular on HBO Boxing telecasts, delivering inside info and providing commentary that few could see.

That’s how much boxing knowledge Jones Jr. has. The key for Superman to beat Iron Mike, then, is to use his knowledge to make adjustments on the fly. Roy can’t expect the slow-footed, sloth-like monstrosity that was Tyson in his final few fights to show up on Saturday.

Mike has trained hard for this battle. He will display the ducking, weaving, foot movement and punch placement that made him the youngest heavyweight champion in history. If Jones Jr. doesn’t adjust the first time Iron Mike shows those skills, Roy could get caught.

Why Mike Tyson will win at -200 odds

Tyson must go back to his first two years as a professional. That Iron Mike was close to unbeatable because he used techniques he learned from Cus D’Amato and from watching tape of Jack Dempsey.

If Tyson is patient, and he was during his first couple of years as a pro, there’s no way Roy Jones Jr. will escape his power. Tyson hasn’t lost a ton of speed. He’s also lighter on his feet and has shown that he can throw a punch from the perfect position.

Mike must only stick to the script, throwing from the crouch, not wasting punches, being patient when Jones’ draws him forward, to win this bout.

Tyson Vs Jones Jr. General Fight Info

Final Iron Mike Tyson vs. Roy Superman Jones Jr. Betting Analysis

Both men are in really good shape. A major difference? Mike appears faster than Roy. That could become a problem because unless Tyson does something silly, there’s a chance he does but we probably don’t want to bet on it, Roy can’t outthink Mike the entire fight.

Jones Jr. must adjust to what Tyson does because Iron Mike looks faster and stronger. We must remember that it’s much easier for Tyson’s style, moving forward with small movements against a taller fighter, to translate after age 50 than it is for Roy’s style, throwing punches off balance, goading his opponent into throwing bad punches, etc., to translate after 50.

The fighter with the more traditional style should win. That means, Mike Tyson is the play.

Tyson vs. Jones Jr. Boxing Free Pick: Mike Tyson -200

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. – Frontline Battle Stats


Mike Tyson
Roy Jones Jr.
NicknameIron MikeCaptain Hook
HometownNew York City, New York, U.S.Pensacola, Florida, U.S.
Pre-fight record50–6 (44 KOs)66–9 (47 KOs)
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
RecognitionFormer undisputed heavyweight championFormer IBF middleweight, IBF super middleweight, undisputed light heavyweight, and WBA heavyweight champion
Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr.

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