Updated Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson Boxing Betting News & Analysis

Updated Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson Boxing Betting News & Analysis

A date and location for the Iron Mike versus Logan fight has yet to be announced. Although most believe the fight will happen, there are specifics to hash out such as whether the participants will allow a knockout, how many rounds for the fight, and if judges will score the bout. But although that’s true, boxing fans and analysts feel the fight will happen. Check out updates on boxing’s most intriguing future fight so you can continue planning your bets against the Boxing Lines.

Celebrity Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul: Latest Updates

Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul Odds

Logan challenges Tyson Fury to an MMA fight

One of the reasons some are saying Logan ditches the possible fight with Iron Mike is because Paul challenged Tyson Fury to a mixed-martial arts battle. If you don’t know, Logan is an accomplished MMA fighter.

He knows what he’s doing. Paul is trained in grappling, wrestling, and other MMA disciplines. The fact he’s challenging Fury, the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, means Logan wants to change the narrative. 

Does Logan’s challenge to Fury mean the fight with Iron Mike is off?

It could. Like everyone else, Paul saw Tyson’s recent training video where he showed the type of speed often reserved for boxers half his age. Iron’s Mike doesn’t look like a slow, old man.

But, then again, Logan could just be trying to get under Fury’s skin. Tyson’s brother, Tommy, fights Logan’s brother, Jake, in December. If Jake wins, Logan will ratchet up the trash talk with Fury to see if there’s any possible way the accomplished pugilist steps into the ring for a mixed-martial arts fight.

The chances of Tyson Fury doing that, no matter what happens to Tommy, is close to zero. So Logan is wasting his breath. The Paul brothers are master self-marketers, though. So Logan won’t give up on an MMA fight against Fury unless he knows it’s impossible for one to happen.

Joe Rogan breaks down the potential Tyson versus Logan bout

In his podcast, Joe Rogan said he doesn’t believe Logan is really going to fight Mike Tyson. Although Rogan said Tyson isn’t in as decent shape as Floyd Mayweather, he believes Tyson will hit Logan.

If that happens, Rogan implied Paul could be in some trouble. The fact of the matter is that Tyson can knock out most people, no matter their size, with his jab. 

One thing about Iron Mike, is that he turns his feet. Cus D’Amato trained Mike in the early years, which means Tyson knows the fundamentals. That’s all he’ll require to land a glove on Logan.

Paul knows this, which is why he might be wavering and trying to angle for an MMA bout versus Fury. But dollar signs speak to both brothers. So there’s still a good chance, Iron Mike Tyson and Logan Paul step into the ring against each other. 


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