Canadian Football League 2022 Grey Cup Odds and Top Games to Bet On Week 10

Canadian Football League 2022 Grey Cup Odds and Top Games to Bet On Week 10

While preseason starts for American football, Canadian football is in full swing! Come check out the top CFL Betting games and updated Grey Cup odds! 

While the ranking of the teams has not moved within the past week, the Grey Cup Odds continue to differ. The leaders seem to get closer to the cup while those others continue to fall behind. One game can potentially switch the turn of the tides for most of these ball clubs! 

Updated 2022 Grey Cup Betting Odds and Top Matches Heading Into Week 10 of the CFL Regular Season

TIER 1: The Favorites

  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers: +120

No movement and no shocker. At this point, if the Bombers lose they might still be the top club in Canadian football. Their odds have shifted 5 units closer to negative and we are not even halfway through the season.

Their defense has been the strong and focal point of this team. No team has come close to their high level of defense. The inconsistency of their offense warrants some issues. While they will likely three-peat, their odds will continue to shift toward negative within the next two weeks.  

  • B.C Lions: +325

Teams do not get more exciting than the BC Lions. They stand one game behind first place and they could easily potentially vault their odds with a great win. Their odds have shifted 15 points towards negative. This could be a very fun team to watch.

There is no weakness on this roster. So much fun everywhere you look. Tons of players are coming back and many players on their roster continue to dominate. The biggest question is getting over the Manitoba sized hump! They could easily climb to the top of the ladder with one win so there is some unreal value! 

  • Calgary Stampeders: +450

No change for this ball club. Their odds remain the same as does their place within the standings. They remain two games back of the best in the west, they are still easily in the running for the Grey Cup. 

This club has been rather solid all around. Nothing that really sticks out beyond overall solid play. It does not seem they can climb the ranks unless they beat the other teams ahead of them. There is a high unlikelihood of that happening so with that, keep your money in your pockets for this team!

TIER 2: Middle of the Pack

  • Toronto Argonauts: +800

The top seed in the East still seems to be fading away. With the top spot in their division, they are 800 points above the next team within their division. They are also down 90 points from the following weeks. Are they reliable to bet on?

The defense has been great with limiting the opposition’s points. Yet their offense has struggled. The offense has struggled to generate points and yards. With two of their stars being hurt, the offense can continue to struggle and the Grey Cup champion will not come out of the east.

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders: +1200

The once hot Roughriders are seemingly begging to fade away! They face Toronto a multitude of times within the next few weeks. They have fallen 140 points since last week so there is some concern.

The defense has been grueling on opposing offenses and their offense has been rather solid. The major issue is the fact they lie within the most difficult division. The other teams in the West are still ahead of them and will likely stay ahead of them. I would not recommend betting on the Riders. 

TIER 3: Down but not out

  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats: +1600

The Tiger-Cats have come out strong since their early season struggle. While Dane Evans is hurt for the coming matchup, Hamilton is an interesting betting option for a multitude of reasons. They have fallen 275 points but there is upside.

They were in the Grey Cup last year and are still two games back of first in the East. When it comes playoff time, they could turn heads and potentially win the big one! The return on investment is very high and this is STILL a very capable ball club! 

  • Montréal Alouettes: +1800

The Alouettes continue to fade and they continue to struggle. There has been value but they cannot close out a game. They have faded 425 points since last week and it does not seem that Montréal has any more tricks up their sleeves.

Montréal has a very solid offense yet their defense cannot hold a lead for them and that is in fact why they have been struggling. A team that does not close is never a team to bet on. The value continues to disappear! 

TIER 4: Bottom Feeders

  • Ottawa Redblacks: +4000 and Edmonton Elks: +7500

Just do not even bother. The odds for these teams continue to falter and these rosters cannot find a way to be successful. Postseason success seems unlikely for the Redblack and Elk faithful. Placing your money may come out to the highest return but it seems unlikely you will get a good return on your investments. 

Week 10 Best Bets

  • BC Lions (-1) vs Calgary Stampeders

This will definitely be the game of the week. The Lions are a much well rounded team and will likely come on top. Seeing they only need to win by a point, the Lions will easily cover this spread and win this game!

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders (-5) vs Edmonton Elks

The Elk have been rather poor this year. They are generous in points allowed and yards allowed. This will be the game where the Roughriders get their swagger back and run through the Elk! 

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