3 Reasons To Bet Against Alabama To Win College Football

Written by on December 5, 2016

It doesn’t matter what sport you talk about, it’s tough for any team in the modern era to become a dynasty. The only sport that really has that going on right now is college football, where the Alabama Crimson Tide have been the dominant team for a decade. Nick Saban turned this program around in a big way when he took the reins, and he is able to recruit in a way that allows him to reload at every position, no matter how many of his charges he loses to the NFL draft. This year has been no different, and the Crimson Tide are back in the College Football Playoff with a chance to repeat as champion. It’s tough to see that not happening, but there are some things that could get in the way. Let’s look at 3 reasons why Alabama WILL NOT win the National Championship.

Analyzing The 3 Reasons To Bet Against Alabama To Win College Football Championship


Jalen Hurts Plays Like a Freshman

One of the biggest question marks coming into this season was about how they would be able to win with a freshman at the QB position. Jalen Hurts very quickly put those doubts to rest, and the young man has put together the sort of season that will have him in the Heisman discussion. Hurts has looked calm and composed, and has been able to avoid making too many rookie mistakes. What you have to wonder, though, is how he is going to handle the playoffs. He looked a little jittery in the SEC Championship game, and didn’t really settle down until the defense had put a couple of scores on the board. Jalen Hurts is a very talented young man, but he is still a freshman that is lacking in big game experience.

Alabama Underestimates the Washington Huskies

If Alabama were to pick which team they would want to face in the semi-final game, it would probably have been the Huskies. The feeling was that the Ohio State Buckeyes may have been given the #4 seed, but it eventually went to Washington, which probably went down very well in Alabama. You almost feel as though this team would be better served by the tougher challenge that the Buckeyes would have offered up. I don’t believe that Nick Saban will let his players look beyond the Huskies, but there is always that possibility. 

The Crimson Tide Play A Stinker

Alabama Crimson Tide is unbeaten at this stage of the season, and other than for a few moments against Ole Miss, they have never really looked as though they were going to lose a game. They have looked solid and in control in every game they have played, but the law of averages suggests that they might be overdue for a game where things go wrong. What will happen if Hurts is struggling and the defense is unable to be the disruptive force they have been all year? How will this team react, and who will lead them out of that rut? Not convinced they will struggle this way, but the football Gods may have other ideas.