Clemson Stands as Huge NCAAF Betting Favorite Against Wake Forest.

3 Reasons To Bet Against Clemson Winning The National Championship

Written by on November 7, 2016

The Clemson Tigers came as close as you can get to winning the college football National Championship last year, and they are once again staking their claim for the title this season. Clemson are currently ranked number 2 in the nation, and have an 8-0 record to their name. Given the schedule that they have remaining, they look like a lock to be in the playoffs once again, and there are many people out there who believe that they can go one better than they did last season. They certainly look like a solid bet, but allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment. I don’t believe that the Tigers will win it all this year, and I have 3 reasons why it won’t happen.

A Closer Look At The 3 Reasons To Bet Against Clemson Winning The National Championship


1.  Too many Close Games

Yes, the Tigers are coming off a 54-0 demolition of the Syracuse Orange, but that has not been indicative of how their season has gone. The Clemson Tigers have won 5 of their 8 games by 7 points or less this season, and we are not just talking about games versus good opponents here. They struggled badly versus Troy and North Carolina State, both of whom are teams that you would expect Clemson to easily handle. Yes, they have found ways to win in tougher games too, but are they going to be able to do that against the likes of Alabama or Michigan, both of whom have been relentless this season? I don’t think so.

2. The Health of DeShaun Watson

As the Clemson QB goes, so does this team. Watson has once again put up video game numbers this season, but his style of play is one that can put him in a precarious position. This is a kid that is happy to take off when an opening emerges, but that also means that h is going to get hit more than he should. Anyone who watched Clemson take on Syracuse last weekend is sure to have cringed when he landed awkwardly on his shoulder and had to be pulled out of the rest of the game. The word out of Clemson is that he is fine, but how many more hits is he going to take between now and the end of the season? If there is any sort of issue with that shoulder, it could spell trouble for the Tigers. 

3. The Playoff Gauntlet

If the season were to end today, the Clemson Tigers would start the playoffs with a game against Michigan, followed by a National Championship game versus what is likely to be the Alabama Crimson Tide. I have my doubts that they can get past the Wolverines, but even if they did, could they then also take out the defending National Champions? They came close to taking out the Crimson Tide last season, but it can be argued that the latest version of Alabama is better than the last, while the Tigers have taken a little step back. The Tigers are going to be in, but they aren’t winning it all.