NCAAF Playoffs Betting Preview: Why Bet Against Clemson?

NCAAF Playoffs Betting Preview: Why Bet Against Clemson?

Written by on November 15, 2017

If you’re making your NCAAF Playoffs Betting plans and you’re looking for reasons to avoid putting down your money on the now, second-ranked Clemson, then look no further. Despite reaching the national championship game in each of the last two years – and winning it all just last season – I’ve got three great reasons to avoid the Clemson Tigers betting lines to pull off the repeat this season. Let’s get started.

NCAAF Playoffs Betting Preview: Why Bet Against Clemson?

NCAAF Playoffs Rankings (Week 12)

  • 1-Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 2-Clemson Tigers
  • 3-Miami Hurricanes
  • 4-Oklahoma Sooners
  • 5-Wisconsin Badgers
  • 6-Auburn Tigers
  • 7-Georgia Bulldogs
  • 8-Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • 9-Ohio State Buckeyes
  • 10-Penn State Nittany Lions

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Clemson Tigers Record (November 15th)

  • All: 9-1
  • Home: 6-0
  • Away: 3-1
  • ATS: 5-4-1
  • Over/Under: 4-6

The Offense Isn’t Explosive

The Tigers just aren’t as offensively explosive as they have been in each of the last two years. While Clemson ranks a solid 33rd in total offense (437.7 YPG), the Tigers are ranked a more modest 78th in passing (215.5 YPG), but still very solid 24th in rushing (222.2 YPG). Clemson is also ranked 38th in scoring (32.7 PPG)However, last season, the Tigers averaged 39.2 points per game to rank 14th nationally while averaging 504.3 yards of total offense. Part of the reason they aren’t as explosive offensively is that superstar quarterback Deshaun Watson is gone, (I’ll get to that in just a minute), but I also believe the loss of underrated running back Wayne Gallman also has a lot to do with Clemson’s more modest offensive attack this season, another reason to avoid them at the NCAAF Playoffs Betting scenario.

The Championship Hangover!

Look, by now, sports fans of all genres know that winning a championship often produces what is now known as a ‘championship hangover’ where the players aren’t quite as hungry as they were before winning it all and maybe the coaches as well.The Tiger may be at No. 2, but there are some reasons to stay away from them in the NCAAF Playoffs Betting action.While I wouldn’t necessarily say the Tigers look lethargic this season, they also don’t appear to have that killer instinct and extra desire to pound their opponents into submission. Maybe losing a guy like emotional linebacker Ben Boulware has a lot to do with Clemson’s ‘new personality’ this season, but there clearly looks like a slight difference in how the Tigers are playing, both on the field – and emotionally (very important to consider before placing your NCAAF Playoffs Betting ticket) – this season as compared to the last two campaigns.

Deshaun is Gone!

While new starting quarterback Kelly Bryant hasn’t been anywhere near what I’d call awful this season, the fact of the matter is that it’s clear he’s no Deshaun Watson! The junior signal-caller has completed an impressive 65.3 percent of his passes, but he’s also thrown for modest 1,924 yards in 10 games, including an uninspiring seven touchdown passes against five interceptions.While Kelly has proven to be a very good runner in rushing for 608 yards with 10 touchdowns this season, both, Clemson’s coaches – and their opponents – have found out that Kelly just can’t compare to Clemson’s former star quarterback.Watson racked up stellar 4,593 yards and 41 TD passes in 15 games last season while adding 629 rushing yards and nine scores. Hell, Watson is so clearly gifted that the Houston Texans are finding it tough to win a single game without their superstar rookie under center this season.“He comes to every meeting prepared,” Swinney said. “That’s how you change things, you change the culture, though…for me, it’s through discipline and recruiting, staffing and all that stuff. For them, it’s decision-making, it’s who you pick.”“[He’s] uncommon. It’s unbelievable,” Swinney added. “I don’t really know how to articulate what I know about him. And [comparing him to Michael Jordan] is the only way I know how to do it. All those great ones, the Michael Jordans, the Steph Currys, the LeBron Jameses, the Joe Montanas, the Tom Bradys…there’s a uniqueness to them. There’s something to them. Yes, you can see talent. But there’s this other stuff that you cannot see until you really get around it every day. And that’s what he’s got. And how to articulate that, I don’t really know.”

Last 10 NCAAF Champions

  • 2016: Clemson Tigers
  • 2015: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 2014: Ohio State Buckeyes
  • 2013: Florida State Seminoles
  • 2012: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 2011: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 2010: Auburn Tigers
  • 2009: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 2008: Florida Gators
  • 2007: LSU Tigers