Entertainment Betting News: Next Reunion Special on HBO Max Odds

Entertainment Betting News: Next Reunion Special on HBO Max Odds

Written by on June 15, 2021

The Friends’ HBO Max Reunion special was a big hit. It was such a hit that MyBookie has posted odds on the next show to get their reunion special. Check out Next Reunion Special on HBO Max odds and analysis so you can plan your bets against their Entertainment odds.

Odds and Betting Preview for the Next Reunion Special on HBO Max

Deadline to Bet on the Next Reunion Special on HBO Max

  • Cut-Off: Wednesday, June 30

Next Reunion Special on HBO Max Odds

Which show among The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, and The Wire is likely to have a reunion special?

HBO is working on a Game of Thrones prequel, or sequel. The story changes every day. In any case, the mature version of the Lord of the Rings most likely won’t get a reunion special because the last thing HBO Max wants is for folks to reminisce about the old show while they’re promoting the new show. 

The Wire, although fantastic, didn’t have a big enough audience for it to get a reunion show. It’s difficult to see The Wire pulling in the type of audience that the Friends reunion show did. Not only that but the only name actor in The Wire, Idris Elba, has other stuff to do. He’s one of the most respected thespians on the planet. 

That leaves us with the chalk, The Sopranos. A Sopranos movie should release in 2022. Don’t be surprised if a Sopranos’ reunion show comes out later this year. James Gandolfini has passed and the movie is about Tony when he was younger. 

So a reunion should would be a nice set up for the character in the movie and a way to honor one of the world’s historically great actors.  

Among Sex and the City, The Big Bang Theory, and True Blood, which show is likeliest to have a reunion special?

Rumor has it, HBO Max is rebooting Sex and the City. Rebooted shows don’t have reunions because producers don’t want fans thinking about the old show. Supposedly, the Sex and the City reboot will include almost every character from the original except Jean Smart’s.

The Big Bang Theory is in the running for a reunion. But The Big Bang Theory could use a few years off air before a reunion. Right now, it may not get as much attention as so many believe it would. 

True Blood, though, would be a fun get together. When it was on HBO, True Blood was one of the most anticipated shows of the week. Fans are delirious about it, and even though it was violent, the show had heart.   

Will Board Walk Empire, Deadwood, or Veep ever have a reunion special?

Neither Board Walk Empire nor Deadwood had a large enough audience to suggest HBO Max sets up a reunion special. Of the two, Board Walk Empire might get a reunion show.

The biggest actor in Deadwood, Timothy Olyphant, is better known for Justified than Deadwood. If Olyphant doesn’t care to do it, then it won’t happen. 

Veep could, but it will be way in the future. Also, Julia Louis-Dreyfus may not want to do a reunion show. So if you don’t care about sitting on a long term play and you want some action on one of the three longshots, go with Veep.