Next James Bond & Emmys Odds & Picks

Next James Bond & Emmys Odds & Picks

Written by on August 20, 2020

The race to become the next James Bond is heating up. Also, the 2020 Emmy’s happen next month on September 20. Check out analysis and a free pick for who gets to say “shaken not stirred” in the next Bond flick as well as thoughts on the four top prizes at the 2020 Emmy Awards! Let’s get right into action so you can bet against their Emmy odds.

Entertainment Betting – Next James Bond & Emmys Update

Next James Bond Odds

Any one of these guys would make for a great 007. All five are excellent actors. Norton or Heughan look like locks, but what’s different about those guys? 

Hiddleston is too well known as Loki to probably get the call. 

Does Hardy want to play Bond? Doubtful. He’s more of a Blofeld type, which means we should consider pulling the trigger on Idris. The man is as good of an actor as there is on this planet. 

Next James Bond Pick: Idris Elba +1000

2020 Emmy Odds Update

  • When: Sep. 20 at 5:00 pm ET

Outstanding Comedy Series

  • Schitt’s Creek -140
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel +125
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm +800
  • The Good Place +1000
  • Dead to Me +1200
  • The Kominsky Method +1600
  • Insecure +2000
  • What We Do in the Shadows +3500

Emmy Winner: Schitt’s Creek -140

Should be Emmy Winner: The Good Place +1000

Schitt’s Creek is a really good show.

Of the comedies nominated, though, none had the heart, perspective, and downright positivity of The Good Place. It was also a hilarious show that departed from the norms American audiences expect from a broadcast television network sitcom.

Outstanding Drama Series

  • Succession -450
  • Ozark +350
  • The Crown +450
  • Better Call Saul +1000
  • The Handmaid’s Tale +2000
  • Stranger Things +2800
  • Killing Eve +3500
  • The Mandalorian +5000

Emmy Winner: Ozark +350

Should be Emmy Winner: Stranger Things +2800

We like Ozark for sure. So, if it beats Succession, another great show, we’ll clap as long as anybody. 

But the show that really deserves the award is Stranger Things. Can you think of another show that has gotten people more excited to sit in front of the tube in the past 20 years? We can’t either. 

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

  • Eugene Levy -300
  • Ted Danson +375
  • Don Cheadle +1000
  • Anthony Anderson +1200
  • Ramy Yousef +400
  • Michael Douglas +900

Emmy Winner: Eugene Levy -300

Should be Emmy Winner: Ramy Yousef +400

Eugene Levy is a master. He deserves as many awards and as much praise as people want to give him. 

But Ramy Yousef’s television version of himself is unlike any character that you’ve seen on television. Ramy provides a well-rounded human being who is unbelievably flawed and who deserves both our derision and our sympathy. 

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

  • Brian Cox -225
  • Jason Bateman +150
  • Jeremy Strong +650
  • Billy Porter +1200
  • Sterling K. Brown +1500
  • Steve Carrell +2000

Emmy Winner: Jason Bateman +150

Should be Emmy Winner: Jason Bateman +150

In Marty, Jason Bateman has created the most ruthless passive-aggressive sociopath in the history of television. That really sums it up. No other explanation required.  

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

  • Catherine O’Hara -750
  • Rachel Brosnahan +350
  • Christina Applegate +650
  • Issa Rae +1200
  • Linda Cardellini +1200
  • Traci Ellis Ross +3300

Emmy Winner: Catherine O’Hara -750

Should be Emmy Winner: Catherine O’Hara -750

Any time they nominate Catherine O’Hara, for anything, she deserves the award. That’s how awesome she is. As Maura Rose, she’s created an entirely new way to pronounce words like “enchilada”. In our opinion, that makes her a lock.  

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

  • Laura Linney -175
  • Oliva Coleman +150
  • Jennifer Aniston +300
  • Jodie Cormer +1500
  • Sandra Oh +3500
  • Zendaya +3500

Emmy Winner: Laura Linney -175

Should be Emmy Winner: Laura Linney -175

The Byrdes are two of the steeliest criminal television characters in history because, well, they live next door. People never run into the Sopranos. But according to Ozark, we run into the Byrdes all the time.

Linney’s performance of Wendy, like Bateman and Marty, deserves an Emmy Award. We feel for Wendy. She also scares the pants off us. How many thespians can pull that off?