2020 Call of Duty League June 12th Matches

eSports Betting: 2020 Call of Duty League June 12th Matches

Written by on June 9, 2020

One of the things that eSports is really doing right is creating leagues that are comprised of teams representing cities around the globe. It is much easier to get fans excited about games when they have a team based in their city. That is what we are getting with the Call of Duty League, as we have 12 teams going head to head in a massive event. 10 of the teams are based in North America, with another 2 teams playing in Europe. Each city gets a shot at hosting a series of games, with the latest action set to be held in Minnesota starting on June 12. At the end of the regular season, the top 8 teams will head into the playoffs, so it’s all to play for in Minnesota this coming weekend, so let’s jump ahead to the June 12 matches so you can start planning ahead your bets against their Call of Duty odds.

2020 Call of Duty League June 12th Matches

Toronto Ultra Vs Los Angeles Guerillas – 4 PM EST

This is an absolutely huge game for both teams if they are to have any hope of making it into the top 8 in the league. As it stands right now, Toronto are sitting down in 10th with 40 points after putting together a rather miserable 4-8 record. While things look pretty grim for the Ultra, they are even worse for Los Angeles. The Guerillas are currently propping up the league in last place, picking up just 30 points via a 3-11 record. It’s basically desperation time for both teams, but I am on Toronto to win this one.

Atlanta Faze Vs Seattle Surge – 5:30 PM EST

There are still 4 more city events to come after this one in Minnesota, so it may still be a little too early to start talking about playoffs and league winners. That said, the Atlanta Faze are in a position of real power right now, sitting in second place at the Call of Duty League standings with 170 points that they picked up after posting a 15-2 record. They need to be viewed as one of the favorites. The same cannot be said for the Seattle Surge, who are second to last with 40 points from a 4-12 record. This should be an easy win for Atlanta.

Florida Mutineers Vs Chicago Huntsmen

The final two games on the Friday schedule are huge in that they feature teams who are very much alive and well in the playoff race. The Florida Mutineers are in one of the 4 Wild Card spots down in 5th, with 100 points from a 9-8 record. They will be looking to move up into the top 4 with a win here. That is not going to come easy, though, as it is the Chicago Huntsmen who are in the top spot with 180 points from a 16-4 record. A good matchup, but another win for Chicago, I believe.

Dallas Empire Vs Minnesota Rokkr

The Dallas Empire are challenging for the top spot in the league, as they are currently sitting in 3rd with 150 points from a 13-6 record. They have an opportunity to really put some space between themselves and the chasing pack with a win here, as Minnesota are hot on their heals in 4th. The Rokkr are sitting on 120 points, which they have picked up from a 12-10 record. Another great matchup here, but I’m giving the slight edge to Dallas.