Top eSports Betting Picks Wednesday, July 11

Top eSports Betting Picks Wednesday, July 11

Written by on July 9, 2018

A couple of great matches takes place this Wednesday in the StarCraft 2 League when Hurricane battles Stats and Cure throws down versus INnoVation. Also, League of Legends the Champions Korea picks up again with Griffin vs Afreeca Freecs and Hanwha Life battling KT Rolster. With that in mind, we take a look at the latest eSports betting odds and picks for this upcoming Wednesday.

Top eSports Betting Picks Wednesday, July 11

Hurricane +181 vs Stats -231

Hurricane and Stats battled each other last August at the 2017 GSL Season 3 Code S. Stats did beat Hurricane in the final game. But, before that final game, Hurricane had tied Stats. Formerly known as Tear, Hurricane plays as Protoss. Stats is also a Protoss player.Stats South Korea rank is currently #3. Hurricane will fight hard, but he just doesn’t have the skill to take down Stats. It’s hard to see this not going the favorite’s way.eSports Betting Pick: Stats

Cure +310 vs INnoVation -385

Cure and INnoVation just played a match earlier this January in the Olmiloleague. The match wasn’t nearly as one-sided as the odds in this match indicate it was. Sure, INnoVation ended up taking down Cure. Plus, he’s ranked #14 compared to Cure’s #30 ranking, but INnoVation appears to have already been over bet.It’s a good time to side with Cure and hope that he can pull off the upset.eSports Betting Pick: Cure

League of Legends: Champions Korea

Griffin +120 vs Afreeca Freecs -140

After 8 matches, Afreeca Freecs has 6 wins and 2 losses while Griffin has 6 wins and a single loss. Afreeca Freecs is on a roll having beaten Jin Air Green Wings 2:1, MVP 2:0, and Gen.G 2:0. The same can be said for Griffin.Griffin started out hot. They took down Hanwha Life, MVP, bbq Olivers, Jin Air Green Wings, SK Telecom 1, and even KingZone Dragon X. They do head to this match after losing 0:2 to KT Rolster. That’s not enough of a reason to shun the better odds.Griffin should get back to their winning ways on Wednesday.eSports Betting Pick: Griffin

Hanwha Life +176 vs KT Rolster -226

KT Rolster has been up and down this tournament having lost to Afreeca Freecs, KingZone Dragon X, and SK Telecom 1. But, after beating Griffin, the Rolsters took down MVP. It sure appears as if KT Rolster has finally found their footing.That spells trouble for Hanwha Life.eSports Betting Pick: KT RolsterDon’t forget to check back later this week. The Overwatch League Playoffs kicks off on July 11. It runs for 2 weeks at Blizzards Arena in Burbank, CA with the Grand Finals at the Barclays Center in New York.Keep checking for eSports odds on the first ever Overwatch League Playoffs!