Counter Strike ESL Pro League eSports Odds & Preview

Counter Strike ESL Pro League eSports Odds & Preview

Written by on April 3, 2020

We are all a little starved of sports and betting action at the moment, but it’s at times like these when we need to get creative and embrace new things. With that in mind, a lot of folks are turning to eSports for their betting and entertainment needs. There are a ton of different options to choose from, including sports games like FIFA, Madden, and NBA2K, as well as first-person shooter games where the action comes thick and fast. Best of all, if you have a Twitch account, you can watch most of the matchups live. For the purposes of this piece, we are going to talk about the Counter Strike ESL Pro League, which just started, and try to fill you in on how it all works so that you can bet with confidence. Without further ado here are the Counter Strike Odds for the Weekend Matches.

Counter Strike ESL Pro League Odds & Picks

For those of you who are not that savvy when it comes to video games, the first thing you should know is that Counter Strike is a first-person shooter game. This is a league that has been around for a while now and is entering into Season 11. In previous years, the leagues have been regional, but things have been opened up for this season, with 24 teams from all over the world going head to head in 4 distinct groups. This is going to be a fast-paced season, as we will get to the finals in about a month, so there are going to be a lot of matches to watch and wager on.

League Standings and Schedule

The ESL Pro League is split into 4 groups of 6, with matches played in a best of 3 games format. On the betting page for eSports, you will find all the matches and starting times, most of which are very reasonable, with the earlier coming in at around 8 AM EST, while the bulk are at Noon and 4 PM EST. Let’s now look at the current standings:

  • Group A – As of Friday afternoon, each team in this group had played 5 games, with Danish team Astralis sitting on top with a 4-1 record. They are closely followed by Team Vitality (Italy) and Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweden) at 3-2.
  • Group B – This group is proving to be incredibly competitive, with 3 teams sharing the lead with a 3-2 record. These teams are Natus Vincere (Ukraine), Fnatic (Sweden), and forZe (Russia). The remaining 3 teams are all sitting at 2-3, so this group is still up for grabs.
  • Group C – Each team has currently played 4 games, although they will make it to 5 on Friday or Saturday. It is the American team Evil Geniuses leading the way with a 3-1 record, while another US team, Swole Patrol, is on their heels at 2-2. There are 3 other teams sitting at .500 in this group.
  • Group D – It is a trio of EU teams that are leading the way in this group, led by mousesports, who are currently 4-1. They are followed by FaZe Clan, OG, and G2 Esports (Italy) at 3-2, so another tight group.

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