eSports Betting League of Legends LPL Summer Split June 28th Matches

eSports Betting: League of Legends LPL Summer Split June 28th Matches

Written by on June 26, 2020

Before you start wagering on the League of Legends games being played all across the world, it is important to remember that different regions have very different setups. Some leagues are bigger than others, while some play one game matches, with others going with a best of 3 or 5. There is always the opportunity of a surprise in those single games, whereas the best of series tend to lean more towards the favorites. You also need to remember that the rules can change a little once we get to the playoffs. The LPL is the Chinese version of the League of Legends and is comprised of 17 teams who play in a single round robin in the regular season. All of the regular season matches are played as a best of 3, but we get into a best of 5 for the playoffs, which is still a long way off at the moment. We are in the 6th round of games for the regular season, so the LPL Spring League is really beginning to take shape. We are going to jump ahead to the Sunday schedule, where we have 2 games on tap. Let’s take a closer look at those matches so you can place your bets against their League of Legends odds.

League of Legends LPL Summer Split June 28th Matches

Vici Gaming (-120) Vs LNG Esports (-119)

The Sunday schedule begins with a pair of teams who appear to be very evenly matched. Both are sitting at the wrong end of the table right now, so both need a win in the worst possible way. Vici are sitting in 14 with a 1-3 record, going 2-6 in total games. They made a late run in the Spring Season to finish at 7-9, but that was not enough to get them into the playoffs. If they want to change that and extend their season, they need a win here.LNG are not doing that much better than their Sunday opponent, but at least they have a couple of wins, going 2-3 to start the season. They are at 4-7 in total games played, which might be enough to sway you in their direction for this match. They can’t really be much worse than they were last season, where they finished second last in the league with a 5-11 record.This one really does look like a coin flip, but I am leaning towards LNG for the win.

Rogue Warriors (+390) Vs JD Gaming (-769)

Every now and again, you get what appears to be a total mismatch on the schedule, which is what we are getting with this matchup. Rogue Warriors have had a disastrous start to the season, going 0-4 and getting shut out in each of those matches. They missed out on the playoffs in Spring, but they at least managed to rack up 7 wins during that season. It’s tough to see where win #1 is going to come from in the Summer Season.JD Gaming are sitting at 2-2 and are just outside of the final playoff spot due to an inferior games won differential, where they are at +1 from a 5-4 record. It might be considered a disappointing start for a team that went 12-4 in Spring and a playoff run that saw them close out the season as champions. They should be able to get back to form and come away with a comfortable win in this one.