eSports League of Legends LDL Apr 15 Matches

eSports League of Legends LDL Apr 15 Matches

Written by on April 14, 2020

The world of eSports is growing at an amazing rate and there is good reason to believe that the current COVID-19 situation is going to make it more popular than ever. Prior to the sports lockdowns across the globe, there were a lot of people unaware at the sheer scale of eSports, but you can bet that they are all aware now. League of Legends is perhaps the biggest game of all in terms of professional gaming, and it even has a developmental league that is akin to the second tier we see in major sports. The LDL contains 26 different teams, making it one of the biggest out there, and they saw their spring season get underway on April 14. We are going to take a look ahead at the games scheduled for Wednesday, April 15, but be aware that these games are a little tougher to handicap with all of these teams set to play their season opener. Without further ado let’s check the League of Legends Odds.

eSports League of Legends LDL Apr 15 Matches

87 Vs WanZhen Esports Club – 3 AM EST Start

All we can really do here is take a look at how things played out in the 2019 summer league in hopes of making t easier to make selections for each game. The first thing that we see is that WanZhen are the newest addition to the LDL, which means that we really have very little to go on in terms of performance. On the flipside, we do have some information to share about 87, as they took part in both the spring and summer leagues back in 2019. Oddly enough, they ended with the same record in both leagues, finishing 15th with a 12-12 record. They will be looking to take a step forward this season, and I like them to get things off to a positive start with a win over the new team in the LDL.

Triumphant Song Gaming Vs Invictus Gaming Young – 3 AM EST Start

2019 -proved to be a bit of an up and down year for TSG, as they followed up a positive spring showing with a poor summer outing. They finished 14-10 in the spring league before falling in the playoffs to the FunPlus Phoenix Blaze. That was followed by a 9-15 season in the summer. Invictus look to be one of the strongest teams in the league, going 17-7 in the 2019 spring league, followed by a championship winning season in the summer. With that in mind, Invictus should get the win here.

LinGan E-sports Vs Legend Esport Gaming – 5 AM EST Start

LinGan finished with a winning record in each of their 2019 seasons. They began with a 13-11 record in spring, which left them in 13th and out of the playoff picture. The summer league was better for them, as they finished 16-8 on the season before going out early in the playoffs. It was a similar story for Legend, who landed on top of the league in spring with a 19-5 record, only to fall apart in the playoffs. They went 14-10 in summer with a similar early exit in the postseason. A good matchup here, but I am on Legend to win.

Suning-S Vs All Combo – 5 AM EST Start

Suning-S are a team that got a whole lot better as the year progressed in 2019 and who must be coming into this season feeling good about their chances. They went 6-18 in spring, but they made a big leap in the summer league, going 13-11 to sneak into the playoffs, where they ended up in the money in 3rd. All Combo are another new addition to the LDL, so you have a feeling that they might have a tough time getting up to speed. I am taking Suning-S in this one.