Overwatch Contenders China May 21st Matches

eSports Betting: Overwatch Contenders China May 21st Matches

Written by on May 20, 2020

With the Week 4 grand finals of the 2020 Overwatch China season taking place on Thursday, May 21, it’s time to find out whether Bilbili Gaming or Team CC is offering the best value against their respective Overwatch odds so you can make your bets.

Overwatch Contenders China May 21st Matches – Week 4 Grand Finals

Bilbili Gaming vs. Team CC

Bilbili has recorded four consecutive 3:0 wins, including their 3:0 win over Light Gaming in the Week 4 semis on Wednesday. Bilbili has won six of their last 10 matches and an impressive 67% winrate of their matches over the course of the last year. Team CC has been even hotter in recording five straight 3:0 shutout wins to reach the Week 4 grand finals, including a 3:0 win over The One Winner in their Week 4 semifinal showdown the last time out. More importantly, Team CC has also recorded five consecutive victories in this rivalry, all by the convincing score of 3:0, including in their last meeting back on April 23. Prior to their five straight losses, Bilbili had won three straight against Team CC in April and June of 2019.


Team CC has recorded a trio of 3:0 shutout wins over Bilbili since March 19 of this year and they look extremely prepared to win their fourth straight in this rivalry. Team CC won the Week 1 title by beating Bilbili 3:0 in the finals. Team CC backed that up by winning Week 2 with a 3:1 win against The One Winner before beating LTP 3:0 in the Week 3 finals. While Bilbili has been very good in the Overwatch Contenders China league this year, Team CC is the clear-cut favorite and I expect them to get the championship win, though this time, it’s going to be a knock-down, drag-out brawl for it all.

Pick: Team CC 3:2

  • Date & Time: Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 6:00 AM ET