eSports Betting: Overwatch Contenders May 19th Matches

eSports Betting: Overwatch Contenders May 19th Matches

Written by on May 18, 2020

If you have been turning to eSports for your gaming needs during the current lockdown, you will probably have noticed just how active all the leagues are. Much like many professional sports, there are different levels to be found outside of the top leagues. Teams are always looking for new players, which they find in the lower leagues and in other major events. In Overwatch, the Contenders series is huge, as it is spread across 6 different regions. Season 1 is in full swing at the moment and we have you covered for the games that are upcoming on Tuesday, May 19. There are 4 games on tap, all from the China Region, which is currently in Week 4. Let’s take a closer look at those games and and which teams are offering the best value against their Overwatch eSports betting odds.

Overwatch Contenders May 19th Matches

Cosmos Et Veritas Gaming (+721) Vs Team CC (-3333)

As the odds clearly show, what we have here is a bit of a mismatch, and one look at the current standings reveals why. Team CC have won each of the first 3 Weeks, which means that they have amassed 100 points heading into Week 4. They are so far out in front as to be uncatchable in the overall standings. They will go against Cosmos, a team that has picked up just 75 points through the opening 3 weeks, a total that leaves them tied for bottom. This should be a comfortable win for Team CC.

First Fabulous Fighter (+268) Vs Light Gaming (-454)

This looks to be a bit of an even match, as both of these teams are tied on 75 points through the opening 3 weeks of the tournament. Both teams have been in the money, which is paid out to the top 4 teams each week, but neither have climbed above 3rd place in any given week. I am actually going to go out on a limb here and take the underdog for the win in this one. After a decent start to the season, Light Gaming have failed to be in the money, which is why I am on FFF.

Flag Gaming (-204) Vs Bilbili Gaming (+139)

This looks to be one of the more competitive matches on the May 19 calendar, as both of these teams are within reach of second place overall at the moment. If you want to talk about consistency, you need to talk about Flag Gaming, as they have been either 3rd or 4th in each of the first 3 weeks, getting in the money and picking up 35 points each time. Bilbili came out strong in Week 1, finishing in second and picking up 50 points, but they have failed to crack the top 4 since. A slight edge to Flag Gaming in this one.

Like This Player (+149) Vs The One Winner (-222)

Another very good looking match between a pair of teams that have been in the money through the first 3 weeks of the season. Like this player didn’t make much of an impact in the opening two weeks of the season, failing to crack the top 4, but they took a big leap forward last week, finishing second and nabbing 50 points, taking their total to 90. The One Winner has had two weeks out of the money, but they did take 2nd in Week 2, giving them 90 total points. I am on the side of momentum here, so I am going with Like This Player.