Overwatch Contenders NA May 22nd Matches

eSports Betting: Overwatch Contenders NA May 22nd Matches

Written by on May 22, 2020

Over the course of the last 4 weeks, we have watched no less than 17 teams battle it out to win the weekly events in Overwatch Contenders in North America. We are heading into the final few games of Week 4, with the semi-finals set to be played on Friday, but this is not the end of the road for some. Once this week is over, the top 8 teams from the past month will head into the playoff proper. We will have a winners and losers bracket there, so still a lot of action to come for those of you who watch and wager on Overwatch Contenders. For now, though, we are going to turn our attention to the Week 4 semi-final games, as how things play out there may well have an impact on the final season standings and the playoff seeding. Let’s look at the two games that we have on tap for Friday and their Overwatch odds.

Overwatch Contenders NA May 22nd Matches

Team Doge Vs Triumph

Team Doge were able to skip the Round of 12 and head right into the quarterfinal this week, and they certainly made the most of that advantage. They took care of Karasuno in a 3-1 victory to set up this semi-final match. We should probably not be that surprised, though, as Team Doge have currently amassed the most points over the course of the regular season. They score 50 points as a runner-up in Week 1, picked up 20 points in Week 2, and then won Week 3 and the 100 point reward. They will absolutely be in the playoffs after this week is over.

Triumph are another team that started out Week 4 in the quarterfinal, but who also made short work of their opponent, beating Uprising Academy 3-0. This means that, for the second straight week, Triumph are guaranteed to pick up 35 points for reaching the semi-finals. Even if they lose on Friday, they will still most likely be in the playoffs, albeit as a lower seed.

Pick: I need to go with Team Doge in this one.

Second Wind Vs Third Impact

If you need proof of how difficult it is to go from the Round of 12 to the final on any given week, just take a look at how things have played out in Week 4. All 4 teams in the semi-final started in the quarterfinals, skipping the Round of 12. Second Wind got here via a very comfortable 3-0 win over DarkMode eSports. Second Win won it all in Week 1 and have since amassed enough points to be sitting 3rd overall in the regular season standings.

Three of the four teams in this semi-final have been winners in previous weeks, with Third Impact in with that illustrious group. Their win came in Week 2, which they followed up with a 2nd place finish in Week 3, so they appear to be the team with all the momentum heading into this one. They got here via a comfortable 3-0 win over Odyssey in the previous round, however this will certainly be a much tougher match.

Pick: I am on Third Impact to move on to the Week 4 final.