Top eSports Betting Picks of the Week - May 14th.

Top eSports Betting Picks of the Week – May 14th

Written by on May 14, 2018

Okay, eSports betting enthusiasts, with the fourth stage of the inaugural Overwatch League about to get underway in just over 48 hours, now is a perfect time for some expert analysis on the latest eSports odds.Will the Boston Uprising rebound after coming up just short of completing the first unbeaten stage in the brief history of Overwatch? Can the New York Excelsior win their third straight stage? Will one of the Los Angeles-based teams beat out both favorites or maybe a longshot title hopeful will upset the entire apple cart?With all of that said, let’s get to my Stage 4 Overwatch League picks!

Top eSports Betting Picks of the Week – May 14th

Overwatch League Standings

  • Boston Uprising: 10-0
  • New York Excelsior: 9-1
  • Los Angeles Valiant: 6-3
  • Los Angeles Gladiators: 6-4
  • San Francisco Shock: 6-4
  • Philadelphia Fusion: 5-4
  • London Spitfire: 5-5
  • Seoul Dynasty: 5-5
  • Houston Outlaws: 4-6
  • Florida Mayhem: 2-8
  • Dallas Fuel: 1-9
  • Shanghai Dragons: 0-10

Wednesday, May 16th

  • Los Angeles Gladiators vs. San Francisco Shock (6:00 PM)
The Gladiators and Shock both went 6-4 in Stage 3 of the Overwatch League and they’ll apparently have an identical chance of getting the win in Week 1 of Stage 4. However, after seeing L.A. get completely smacked around in their final two Stage 3 matchups, I just don’t have a whole lot of confidence in the Gladiators coming into this Stage 4 opener and I believe your money is best spent on San Francisco seeing as how they finished Stage 3 with a resounding 4-0 beatdown of Florida.
  • Dallas Fuel vs. Shanghai Dragons (10:00 PM)
Jeez, this one could be ugly eSports bettors. Dallas went 1-9 in Stage 3 while Shanghai went a winless 0-10. I guess, simply based on the numbers, Dallas would be the pick, but I’m going for the upset here with Shanghai getting their first stage win right off the bat – out of sheer desperation nothing else.

Thursday, May 17th

  • Boston Uprising vs. Philadelphia Fusion (6:00 PM)
Philadelphia had a respectable Stage 3 record of 5-4, but they won’t be able to keep up with a Boston team that went 10-0 until falling to New York in the championship match.Boston Uprising is one of the eSports Betting favorites for this week.The Uprising will beat the Fusion in this one as they seek to claim a title that many thought they’d easily win the last stage.
  • New York Excelsior vs. Florida Mayhem (8:00 PM)
New York will get the super easy win here as they seek a third straight stage title over a Florida Mayhem squad that went 2-8 in Stage 3. There’s absolutely no thinking required for this eSports betting ticket people!