MAR 06 - 2017 MLB Betting Tips To Maximize Winnings

2017 MLB Betting Tips To Maximize Winnings

Written by on March 6, 2017

With the 2017 MLB regular season just about one month away from getting started, now is the perfect time for some expert MLB betting run lines tips. Whether you’re an experienced baseball bettor or a brand new novice, these tried and true baseball betting tips will undoubtedly assist you in your season-long quest to cash in early and often. Now, as the saying goes…let’s play ball.

2017 MLB Betting Tips To Maximize Winnings


Forget the fact that you used to hate studying back in school? Now, that you’re studying for profits you need to take it seriously, just like your parents once told you.All jokes aside, study both starting pitchers, how they’ve performed recently and how they’ve fared when going up against the team they’re pitching against in the game you’re betting on. Looking back over a starter’s last 3-5 starts will give you a great idea of how he’s likely to perform in the contest you’re betting on. Season-long or career stats will reveal how a pitcher performs on an annual basis while recent stats will show just how a pitcher is currently throwing the ball.

Career Glance

Some pitchers love pitching in certain ballparks and have more success than normal while conversely, they hate pitching in other ballparks and often underachieve for whatever reasons. Make sure you look to each pitcher’s career starts at the ballpark they’re playing at if they’re not at home.

Versus the Opponent

Does the pitcher you’re planning on backing absolutely own certain teams while struggling mightily against another? Case in point, you probably don’t want to bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers against the San Francisco Giants if you know that Madison Bumgarner is on the mound for Frisco and owns an 11-2 career mark against the Dodgers.

Fresh or Frozen?

Does the team you plan on backing have a bunch of fresh arms in the starting rotation and a deep bullpen or a handful of starters that have been overworked and a bullpen that is equally exhausted?

Check each team’s recent stats to see just how much a manager has been working his pitching staff or certain pitchers in particular. Good manager will manage their pitching staffs much better than bad or mediocre managers and this can often lead to instant success or failure for the bettor that knows how much a pitching staff has been used or not.

Who’s Hurt?

Simply put, you need to check the injury report for each and every game you’re betting on. I mean, how’d you like to bet on the Los Angeles Angels now knowing that Mike Trout is out of the lineup?

Be A Meteorologist

I know that meteorologist is the only profession in the world where you can be wrong 90 percent of the time and still keep your job, but you still need to check the weather reports for inclement weather or gusty winds that could affect the total, especially if the wind is blowing in.

Join the Club

Joining a baseball betting forum is a great idea. You’ll find some really knowledgeable baseball bettors that you can ‘piggyback’ some of their picks or some horrible ones that you know you should immediately fade (go against) their picks.

Watch – and Learn!

I know baseball isn’t the most exciting sport round, but if you’re betting on the games, then you need to watch as much baseball as you possibly can. There’s no better way to know which players are really good and which ones are mediocre at best than by using the old-fashioned eye test.