Ten Bold MLB Betting Predictions Heading into 2018 Mid-Season.

Ten Bold MLB Predictions Heading into 2018 Mid-Season

Written by on June 7, 2018

As hard as it may seem to believe, we are fast approaching the midway point of the 2018 pro-baseball season. Before you know it, the All-Star Break will be upon us, quickly followed by the second half, which is very often where things really start to get shaken up. While there is still an awful lot of baseball to be played, we are in the business of making MLB betting predictions, so let’s look at 10 that we believe will play out this season, no matter what the MLB odds might say.

Ten Bold MLB Betting Predictions Heading into 2018 Mid-Season

1. The Dodgers win the West

The LA Dodgers are still sitting below the .500 mark as we play our way through the month of June, but there are signs that they are starting to come around. It also helps that the 3 teams ahead of them are all failing to launch. The Dodger will have a fully healthy Clayton Kershaw in the second half, which is sure to be a huge boost.

2. Mike Trout wins the AL HR race

This may not be considered a particularly bold pick, especially since Trout is a bit of a hitting machine. He is 1 back of the lead in the AL right now, but I think he picks up the pace as the season goes on, winning the HR title by a comfortable margin.

3. Max Scherzer bests his single-season win tally

Back in 2016, Max Scherzer led the AL in wins with 20, which is the number that usually gets a pitcher in the Cy Young conversation. I think he beats that mark this season, especially given that he is already out in front with 10 wins on the season. I think he is also shoe-in for a Cy Young.

4. Manny Machado will be in a Cubs uniform sooner rather than later

Machado is having himself another stellar season, but he is stuck with the Baltimore Orioles who are seriously underperforming. It was no secret that the O’s were looking to shift their star player before the start of the season, and a move now seems inevitable. I think he will be landing in Wrigley Field.

5. The Atlanta Braves continue to surprise

The NL East was supposed to be a cakewalk for the Washington Nationals, but they are currently tied with the very surprising Atlanta Braves. The young Braves are playing .500 ball at the moment, but I think they will get a lift when Ronald Acuna returns to the line-up, which should be soon.

6. We will see a Yankees/Red Sox brawl

This is the best rivalry in baseball, and it only gets better when both teams are competing for a title, as they are this season. The race at the top of the East is tight, and tensions will build as the season progresses. Expect that to spill over at some point when these two meet in the future.

7. The Cincinnati Reds will have the worst record in baseball

They are rather close to that mark at the moment, but I think things will only get worse for this group. Their biggest rival here will be the Orioles, as they should fall even further when Machado leaves.

8. Shohei Ohtani doesn’t finish the season

The Ohtani experiment has been a fun one to watch, but we have already seen the young man miss some time with injury.Shohei Ohtani and the Angels are not a safe MLB Betting pick for the rest of the 2018 season.I think he breaks down and misses the final month or so of the season.

9. It’s and Astros/Cubs World Series

The Astros look like a solid MLB betting pick in the AL, and while the Cubs are off the pace right now, I think they come good in the second half when they land Machado.

10. Astros repeat as champions!

Enough said!