Four Tips for the Upcoming 2016 MLB Betting Season

Written by on March 30, 2016

With 30 MLB teams playing 162 games each for a total of 2,430 games spanning over several months in the regular season, handicapping baseball bets can be extremely difficult and confusing to newbies and veteran baseball bettors alike. And with a new MLB season dawning upon us, we’ve decided to compile the following four hot tips that every baseball betting enthusiast should keep in mind to help them profit from the MLB odds.

Four Tips for the Upcoming 2016 MLB Betting Season

Choose Your Battles Precariously

As mentioned above, the MLB season is full of games, meaning you can’t bet on everything even if you wanted to. With that in mind, it is advisable that you only bet on games that you are well-informed about rather than just wagering on everything in the MLB lines because you have a bankroll. If you are not sure about a game or player, or you simply don’t feel confident about you MLB picks, just pass the opportunity. There will always be a tomorrow and chances are that you will soon find something that is worthy of your time and money.

Trust in Skills and Talents over Everything Else

Luck and intuitions have their place in baseball betting, I agree, but don’t be fooled into trusting your gut-feelings over proven records of talent and skills. So, rather than betting against a team because you don’t like the starting pitcher or you have a feeling that they will have a down day; cultivate a culture of doing research about the skills and talents of the game’s starting pitchers, key hitters and bullpen contributors, which are proven ingredients of evaluating the strength of a team. Thanks to technology, the modern-day of state-of-the-art handicapping tools feature computer simulation models that can compare and contrast players and teams in an in-depth manner. Using such models, and other related MLB betting tools, baseball bettors can easily have accurate reads on true levels of pitching and hitting abilities of the involved players/teams, which allows for smart handicapping—sometimes better than the assessment methods used by Oddsmakers.

Keep an Eye Out for Fatigue and Injury Reports

From back-to-back games to physically-draining traveling all over the country with very little to no rest, fatigue is bound to creep in for nearly all players, hence limiting their efficiency on the field. Similarly, injured players tend not to perform to 100 percent of your expectations. When betting, be sure to monitor injury and fatigue-related elements to ensure that you invest your MLB bets on the best players/teams that are in a position to play effectively.

Be Prepared for Change

Owing to preseason predictions and record of past performances like in the last season, many bettors tend to have a preformed opinion about which teams will be good and which ones will be bad. And every so often, the MLB teams/players play up or down to these expectations. However, every season comes with its surprises and dramatic turnarounds—like the 2015-2016 Houston Astros who performed way above their preseason expectations. Such about-turns may come as a result of player trades, decline from aging veterans and managerial changes, among many other reasons. To ensure that you aren’t caught mightily off-guard by these surprises, be prepared for change and always have an open-mind that is ready to notice and accept when a team is performing above or below its expectations, and ensure that you have betting wiggle-room to accommodate such unexpected changes.