Game 4 Padres vs Phillies Betting Preview - NLCS Predictions

Game 4 Padres vs Phillies Betting Preview – NLCS Predictions

For nearly every game the Philadelphia Phillies have competed in during October, I have predicted them to lose. Well, Philadelphia, you have finally proved me wrong. At this point, you should expect the unexpected in game four of the NLCS, as the entire 2022 MLB postseason has been full of mayhem. 

Will the No. 5 seeded San Diego Padres take the pivotal game four on the road, or will Philadelphia thrive in front of their home crowd as the No. 6 seed? In the best-of-seven series, games three, four, and five tend to be some of the most important, so let’s enjoy the show and bet on this fun game. Check out an early betting preview for game four of the NLCS between Padres and Phillies so you can plan your bets against their MLB Lines

NLCS Game Four Betting Analysis and Tips for Padres vs Phillies Series

Fun Times in Philly

Being a Philadelphia sports fan has to be such a good time. You have the Philadelphia Phillies proving the world wrong, an undefeated Eagles team, a 76ers team with very high expectations, and the Flyers, who have started the season strong. Philly is a huge sports city, and they are pumped to watch game four of the NLCS at Citizens Bank Park. 

Pitchers are not yet released for game four, but the Phillies have a big decision to make. Zach Wheeler will be on four days’ rest, but he only pitched 83 innings in his last outing. He is used to hitting triple digits, so perhaps Rob Thomson would pull the trigger. 

I would not expect Wheeler to get the nod, so that would mean Noah Syndergaard would take the mound. He will be on a very short leash, but he looked solid against the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS, allowing one run through 3.0 innings. 

Philadelphia has been good when it comes to covering the spread. The team was 83-79 in the regular season. Looking at their over/under in the regular season, they went 79-75-7, which is also above average. 

The Phillies are a much better home team. For the moneyline and against the spread, they play much better. At night, they are 64-47 during the as well as they will be playing back-to-back night games.  

Road Warriors

Playing on the road is never easy, but doing it in the postseason is a different animal. On top of that, you have to do it in the hostile Citizens Bank Park. It will be no easy feat, but the San Diego Padres are up to the challenge. 

All signs point to Mike Clevinger pitching in game four. Having Clevinger as your fourth option would normally seem like a cheat code, but he has struggled this season. That struggle was seen against the Los Angeles Dodgers in game one of the NLDS, allowing four earned runs in just 2.2 innings. 

On the moneyline, the Padres are 66-44 at night and 48-38 on the road. This matchup features two teams who both play very well at night, so we should be in for a good battle. 

Betting Tips for Game Four 

You can always look at MyBookie for all the latest odds for game four of the NLCS between the Philadelphia Phillies and San Diego Padres. MyBookie has many different betting options to fit your needs and betting style for this game on Saturday. 

Game four will be the 11th time in all of 2022 that these two teams have met. It has been back and forth all year long, and that has not changed one bit in October. It is all about surviving and advancing, and each game they advance to is the most important of the season. 

The awesome part about playoff baseball is that one day you get a matchup of the top pitchers in the league, and the next, you are facing back of the rotation guys. This opens the door for the spread because runs should be at a premium in a game that could see around ten different pitchers thrown. 


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