Home Run Derby, MLB All-Star Game & 2021 Draft Betting Preview

Home Run Derby, MLB All-Star Game & 2021 Draft Betting Preview

Written by on April 22, 2021

Now that the Major League Baseball season is over three weeks old, it’s time to start looking at some of the events that happen during the season. This year, the second week of July will be huge for Major League Baseball. Not only will the MLB draft be held, but it will also be All-Star Week. Originally, all of the festivities were to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, but since Georgia passed some controversial voting laws that were taking liberties away from all voters, MLB moved their All-Star game to Denver. Let’s check out our latest MLB betting news update so you can continue making your bets against their MLB odds.

MLB Draft, Home Run Derby, and MLB All-Star Game | Baseball Betting

The Draft

This year’s Major League Baseball Draft will have 20 rounds. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and minor league seasons being canceled last year, the 2020 draft only had five rounds. 

The draft will start on Sunday, July 11th, and will conclude on Tuesday, July 13th. Major League Baseball draft is still way behind the NFL and NBA in terms of draft coverage and popularity, but MLB is trying to help publicize the draft and make it become a more mainstream event. 

On many draft boards, there are four players who stand out. The first one is a high school shortstop from Texas, Jordan Lawlar. Lawlar is seen as a five-tool player. Two of the next three are both pitchers from Vanderbilt University. 

The first one is Jack Leiter, son of former Major League pitcher Al Leiter. Leiter throws in the mid-90s and has two above-average breaking balls. Kumar Rocker is the other pitcher who has a great arsenal of pitches. Both of them are mowing down SEC hitters. The fourth prospect, Marcelo Mayer, is also a high school shortstop. 

Midsummer Classic Returns to Coors Field

For the first time since 1998, the Midsummer Classic will be returning to Coors Field. The All-Star game, the Home Run Derby, and the 2021 Draft will all be held in Denver. 

The city of Denver had been putting together a proposal to host a future All-Star Game and had shown MLB that they had the facilities to host such a large event, so MLB felt comfortable giving this year’s game to Denver. The government of the state of Colorado has also offered to help Denver in this large endeavor. 

As Colorado is known as a slugger’s paradise, this year’s Home Run Derby should be really fun to watch. With the event being held at Coors Field, many of today’s top sluggers should be excited to take place in the Derby. In the past, many have declined invitations to participate, as many feel that it wears you out and can hurt your second-half performance. But with the ball flying farther in Colorado’s high altitude, those sluggers may want to take their shot at breaking some of the Home Run Derby records. 

With the Draft and the Major League Baseball All-Star Game being held together for the very first time, this should make for a very exciting three days for the sport. The city of Denver should be excited to host this event, and it should make for a very exciting Home Run Derby and All-Star game.

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