NL Teams that Should be on your MLB Radar

Written by on April 17, 2018

The MLB betting action during the early weeks of the season can be tough, simply because what you are seeing from teams right now may not be what you get once the season progresses. Some teams come flying out the gate early, only to fall apart and be a poor bet later on, while some of the better teams in the league sometimes take a minute to get rolling.For the purposes of this piece, we are going to look at some of the teams in the National League who are currently worthy of your Major League Baseball wagering dollars. This is not to suggest that they will remain that way over the next few months, but you need to strike while the iron is still hot.

National League Teams that Should be on your MLB Betting Radar

New York Mets

I’ll be totally honest, when I previewed the new MLB season, I had the Mets struggling to get any type of foothold in am NL East Division that I was convinced would be dominated by the Washington Nationals. The Mets have proven me, and many others, wrong in the opening few weeks of the season, running out to a 9-1 record.The Mets are getting some great pitching in the early going, but they are also flashing some impressive offensive numbers, too. As long as they maintain that balance, they should be in good shape. It’s also worth noting here that the Mets are 9-1 in the Run Line this season.

Team Statistics

  • Average Score For: 5.10
  • Offensive Hits: 8.20
  • Offensive Walks: 4.60
  • Average Score Against: 3.00
  • Defensive Hits: 7.40
  • Defensive strikeouts: 10.70

Pittsburgh Pirates

The NL Central is looking as though it may be incredibly tight this season, but for now, it is the Pirates who have already opened up a 3-game lead by starting the season at 8-2. There is no real secret to their success right now, as it is all about the offense.The Pirates lead the league in team batting average and have already driven home 66 runs in just 10 games. It’s an absolutely torrid pace that they are going to have a tough time maintaining, but they look like a team worth betting on until the runs start to dry up a little.

Team Statistics

  • Average Score For: 6.60
  • Offensive Hits: 10.10
  • Offensive Walks: 3.90
  • Average Score Against: 4.40
  • Defensive Hits: 8.40
  • Defensive strikeouts: 7.90

Arizona Diamondbacks

It shouldn’t really be that surprising that the Diamondbacks are off to a solid 8-3 start to the new MLB season. After all, this is a team that went to the playoffs last year via the Wild Card. That said, the general feeling was that they might take a little bit of a step backward this season.Right now, Arizona looks like a good MLB Betting Pick to cash in.The reason that they have been able to get off to such a good start is that of the production that they are getting from their starting rotation. This is a pitching staff that already has 7 quality starts in their first 11 games of the year. If they can maintain that level, look out.

Team Statistics

  • Average Score For: 4.64
  • Offensive Hits: 7.82
  • Offensive Walks: 4.82
  • Average Score Against: 3.00
  • Defensive Hits: 7.18
  • Defensive strikeouts: 10.55

Seattle Mariners

No everyone who wagers on baseball goes the straight up route, which is why I thought it might be a good idea to include a team that is a good bet elsewhere.In this case, the Seattle Mariners are proving to be a very good OVER MLB Betting pick in the early going, with 7 of their 9 games this season hitting that mark. You could probably also put the Pittsburgh Pirates in this category, too, as 7 of their opening 10 games have also gone OVER.

Team Statistics

  • Average Score For: 4.44
  • Offensive Hits: 8.56
  • Offensive Walks: 3.22
  • Average Score Against: 5.11
  • Defensive Hits: 8.44
  • Defensive strikeouts: 7.44