MLB News & Rumors: Kevin Pillar Suffered Nasal Fractures, Mike Trout Injured, Albert Pujols Signs With the Dodgers

MLB News & Rumors: Kevin Pillar Suffered Nasal Fractures, Mike Trout Injured, Albert Pujols Signs With the Dodgers

Written by on May 18, 2021

We are now officially about one-quarter of the way through the MLB season, which means that we have a pretty good idea of how each and every team in the league looks. That can all change in a matter of moments, though, as teams that are riding high now can see their fortunes change with an injury to a key player. Much of the news we are covering this week has to do with injuries and the expected impact. We also have news of a move that may seem minor, but which could prove to be a good one for all parties involves. Let’s now jump into the MLB news and rumors for this week so you can continue making your bets against their MLB odds.

Latest 2021 MLB Betting News & Rumors May 18th Edition

Let’s get the ball rolling by talking about a pretty brutal injury that we saw on Monday. Kevin Pillar of the New York Mets stepped into the batters box to face relief pitcher Jacob Webb of the Braves and was almost immediately dropped by a pitch that hit him square in the face. Blood streamed from Pillar’s nose as the training staff tried to staunch the flow. It was an injury that proved to be as bad as it looked, with Pillar suffering multiple nasal fractures. No word yet on how much time Pillar will miss.

All injures impact a team in one way or another, but there are definitely some that are more crushing than most. That is what the LA Angels are dealing with now after seeing Mike Trout pull up lame on Monday night in the first inning of their game with a strained calf. Not only is Trout the best player on the Angels team, he is arguably the best player in the game at the moment. No doubt, the Angels will be awaiting the results of his tests on Tuesday with some trepidation. If this is a long-term type of injury, the Angels season could well be over.

The Atlanta Braves have suffered through more than their fair share of injuries this season, with the majority of those injuries hitting the pitching staff. Add another name to the treatment room, this time with an injury that could have easily been avoided. Pitcher Huascar Ynoa was proving to be a bright spot in what has been a tough year for Braves pitchers, but after getting lit up against the Milwaukee Brewers over the weekend, Ynoa punched the dugout bench and broke his hand. It’s an injury that is expected to keep him out of action for a couple of months.

When a major league player is in their 40’s and gets cut by their current team, the general feeling is that it’s the end of the road. It turns out that in the case of Albert Pujols, one door closing leads to another being opened. Pujols was cut by the Angels last week, but he was not out of work long, as he was picked up this weekend by the LA Dodgers. It will more than likely be a much lesser role for Pujols, but he seems excited about the prospect of playing for a contender. He drove in an RBI in his first appearance for the Dodgers, so maybe a new lease on life is what the doctor ordered.


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