MLB Betting Picks and Predictions Before the Upcoming 2022 Season Starts

MLB Betting Picks and Predictions Before the Upcoming 2022 Season Starts

Next Thursday, MLB throws first pitch for their 2022 season. Although the season suffered a delay due to the MLB lockout, things are copasetic as we head into April. Because the season starts soon, it makes sense for us to make predictions. Check out MLB Betting predictions for both the American League and National League as well as a World Series predicted matchup and choice to win. 

MLB 2022 Picks & Season Betting Predictions Before It Starts

2022 MLB Season

  • When: April 7 – Oct. 5

AL Pennant Winner – Houston Astros +370

Carlos Correa vaulted to Minnesota, but the Houston Astros remain the top team to win the American League. The main reason is because the AL West is the worst division in baseball.

The Angels will be an okay team. The A’s and Mariners won’t. Neither will the Rangers. So Houston is almost guaranteed to win their division. Also, the starting rotation becomes the best in baseball if Justin Verlander returns to his top form. 

AL Cy Young Winner – Lucas Giolito, Chicago White Sox +1100

This is an odds play. Gerrit Cole’s odds make him an underlay. Nobody knows for sure if Chris Sale returns to his best form.

Nobody knows if Shohei Ohtani maintains his brilliance on the mound and Tampa’s Tyler Glasnow may or may not be as good before the injury. Giolito offers decent odds, gets some protection in the rotation because Lance Lynn is also an ace, and should peak this season. 

AL MVP – Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels +1900

Trout missed a lot of time last season. This season, the Angels best player is flying under the radar because Ohtani was so brilliant.

The thing about Trout, though, is that he’s been dominant for years. So at the odds, he’s the best play to once again prove why some place him on the same level as the best in MLB history. 

NL Pennant Winner – Los Angeles Dodgers +200

The Dodgers offer underlay odds every season to win the NL Pennant. This season, though, the odds make LAD a fair choice.

Sure, the rotation lost Max Scherzer. But Walker Buehler is ready to take over as the ace. Not only that, with every passing day, it’s apparent Trevor Bauer won’t have to sit out the season.

Also, Clayton Kershaw is back and, this is the most important part, the Dodgers signed Freddie Freeman away from the defending champion Atlanta Braves. 

Unless Dave Roberts blows it with bad managerial decisions in the NLCS, LAD should win the National League. 

NL Cy Young Winner – Corbin Burnes, Milwaukee Brewers +1100

Burnes won the Cy Young last year. Pitchers don’t often win the Cy Young two seasons in a row, but Burnes offers the fairest odds.

It’s tough to back Scherzer even though he gets some cover playing behind the chalk, Jacob deGrom. It’s tough to back deGrom because he’s got a history of injuries and it’s tough to back Buehler because this is the first time he’s the Dodgers’ unquestioned ace. Burnes gets the nod. 

NL MVP – Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies +900

This is another odds play. Last season, Bryce Harper proved he’s the best player in the National League. There’s no reason to believe Harper lets up in 2022.

More importantly, contenders like Freddie Freeman and Ronaldo Acuna Jr. offer odds that make them close to unplayable. Harper’s odds make him a slight overlay.

2022 World Series Winner – Houston Astros +880

In a battle between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros, the Stros should take the series. If Verlander has his best pitches working, Houston has the better starting rotation. The Stros lineup is as solid as the Dodgers’. 

But more important than that, Dave Roberts, almost without fail, will make a couple of bad decisions, like using a starter longer than he should in relief or putting his closer in to start the 8th inning in Game 6. 

Dusty Baker will out manage Dave Roberts and that’s why the Astros will beat the Dodgers and win the World Series. 


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