2022 MLB Power Rankings Betting Analysis Heading Into Week 10

2022 MLB Power Rankings Betting Analysis Heading Into Week 10

It’s a battle of the behemoths at the top of the MLB Power Rankings, as the New York Yankees and LA Dodgers continue to take turns sitting at the #1 spot. While it’s always fun to keep and eye on the teams at the top, it’s also interesting to see how the rankings change on a weekly basis. This past week, it was the LA Angels who had the worst time of it, dropping 6 spots in the rankings as they continue on a freefall that has seen them lose 11 in a row. As we do every week at this time, let’s take a look at the current top and bottom 5 in the MLB Power Rankings so you can continue making your bets against the MLB Betting Odds.

2022 Power Rankings for Week 10 | MLB Betting Picks

Top 5

  1. New York Yankees – While it was not the toughest part of their schedule by any stretch, the Yankees still delivered a perfect 6-0 record this past week by sweeping the Angels and Tigers. They now lead the East by 7 ½ games.
  1. LA Dodgers – Given what went down this past week, it is no surprise that the Dodgers lost their #1 ranking. They closed out the week with back-to-back losses, going 5-5 in their last 10, which saw their lead atop the NL West shrink to 2 games.
  1. New York Mets – There is no change at the #3 spot this week, with the Mets continuing to hold onto that spot. They have gone and impressive 8-2 in their last 10 games and have built up a 7 ½ game lead in the NL East.
  1. Houston Astros – With the LA Angels sinking like a stone, the Houston Astros have stepped up to take advantage of their demise. They have 7 of their last 10 games and have now opened up an 8 ½ game lead on the Angels.
  1. Milwaukee Brewers – The top 5 teams have been mostly the same for a minute, but the Brewers made a move this week to crack into that top group. This is despite the fact that they closed out the week with 3 straight losses.

Bottom 5

  1. Detroit Tigers – It was a rough week for the Tigers, who closed things out by losing 3 in a row. That was enough to see them drop a spot down into the bottom 5. They have been better of late, playing .500 ball in their last 10, but still among the worst in the league.
  1. Oakland A’s – There are some bad losing streaks to be found in the MLB right now, with the Athletics very much in that mix. They closed out Week 9 on a 6-game losing skid and have now won just 1 game in their last 10.
  1. Washington Nationals – When you are down this far in the Power Rankings, you don’t expect to see many bright spots. The Nationals had a good one last week, though, as they closed things out with 3 straight wins.
  1. Cincinnati Reds – While they may have closed things out with 3 straight losses last week, the Reds no longer have the fewest number of wins in the MLB. That said, 18 victories at this stage of the season is nothing to crow about.
  1.  Kansas City Royals – It is the Royals who are the team with the fewest wins at this stage of the season, with just 17 to their name. They have gone just 3-7 in their last 10 games.

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