MLB Specials - Pitcher with Most Regular Season Wins Odds & Prediction

MLB Specials – Pitcher with Most Regular Season Wins Odds & Prediction

Written by on April 8, 2020

Of all the professional sports out there, it is arguably baseball that is the most endearing to stats geeks. There are stats kept on all sorts of different things, with only the most hardcore baseball fans able to understand the acronyms and numbers attached to every player’s record. For most of us, it’s things like wins and losses, as well as batting average and earned runs that are the most vital of those stats when it comes time to wager. With that in mind, we thought it might be fun to look at some of the MLB Specials wagers available at MyBookie ahead of the upcoming season. For the purposes of this piece, we are going to take a look at some of the favorites in the pitcher with the most regular season wins category, so let’s get right to it.

MLB Specials – Pitcher with Most Regular Season Wins

Justin Verlander (+600)

Verlander may be getting up there in years, but he is still putting up some ridiculous numbers for the Houston Astros. He is coming off his best season since 2011, going 21-5 and throwing 300 K’s, all while maintaining an ERA of 2.58, which was slightly up from his previous season. The Astros are going to win a ton of games again this season and Verlander is going to do his part, but at 37, there is going to come a point when his numbers begin to decline. I’m not so sure that will happen this year, but you just never know. I would still consider this a bit of a risky bet, even after he won the AL Cy Young last season.

Gerrit Cole (+600)

The fact that the two favorites to have the most wins this season are on the same team tells you all you need to know about the strength of the Houston Astros. For me, Cole should be the clear favorite here, as he is on a trajectory that is seeing his numbers improve with each passing season. He is coming off a career year, going 20-5, which was 5 wins better than his 2018 total. He delivered a staggering 326 K’s, and all while maintaining an ERA of 2.50. If he improves on those numbers even a little, he could well walk away with the most wins on the season.

Stephen Strasburg (+1000)

If you are going to talk about a player having a career year, you need to talk about Stephen Strasburg. He has had a career that has been a little stop and start due to injuries, but he avoided that last year and put together a season for the ages. His 18 wins were the best in the National League, but it was his performance on the playoffs that really stood out. Strasburg was borderline unhittable on his way to the World Series MVP crown, a victory that landed him a big new contract in Washington. Not so sure he can nab the most wins, though.

Max Scherzer (+1000)

Despite the fact that the Washington Nationals won the World Series last year, Scherzer would probably look at 2019 as a bit of a disappointment when looking at it from a personal stats standpoint. Scherzer went 11-7 on the season, but in fairness, he missed some time due to an elbow injury, which may well have been hampering him for a good amount of time. Scherzer should bounce back and be dominant again. Let’s not forget that he has the most wins and K’s of any pitcher in the 2010’s, so this is a guy who is always a good bet.