Top Under Betting Picks for MLB Season Win Total

Written by on March 31, 2016

Whether you’re a fan of a consistent winner or simply have high hopes for your favorite team having a solid season, one thing’s for sure…not every MLB ballclub is created equal.As a matter of fact, some teams look like they’re going to either fall just short or not come close to topping their season-long win/loss MLB total odds. Thanks to this expert baseball betting breakdown, you’re going to find out which four teams I have identified as likely playing under their respective 2016 win/loss total odds.With Opening Day quickly approaching, let’s get started. 

Top Under Betting Picks for MLB Season Win Total

L.A. Dodgers 87 wins

The Dodgers won 92 games last season but then got rid of manager Don Mattingly. Okay, while I don’t think that was the worst move, the loss of a staff ace pitcher like Zack Greinke is going to sting – and sting badly!Under 87 Wins

N.Y. Mets 88 Wins

The Mets won 90 games last season and they’ll be very good again in 2016. However, with Washington looking far more like a serious contender than they ever did last season, I think the Mets fall just short of 89 wins in 2016, like one or two games short.Under 88 Wins

Detroit Tigers 85 wins

The Tigers won 74 games last season and I see no way the Tigers add an additional dozen wins after their modest offseason additions that consisted mostly of veterans Jordan Zimmermann and Mark Lowe.Under 85 Wins

Toronto Blue Jays 87 wins

The Jays won an impressive 93 games last season, but they’re going to fall short of reaching 88 wins this season, mostly because Boston improved dramatically this offseason. Besides, the Blue Jays don’t have a very god pitching staff once you get past their starters.Under 87 Wins