LFA 149 Bunes vs. Horiuchi Betting Odds Favorites, Analysis & Predictions

LFA 149: Bunes vs. Horiuchi Betting Odds Favorites, Analysis & Predictions

Written by on January 5, 2023

In the first LFA event of 2023, the flyweight title will be on the line in the headlining bout between Felipe Bunes (12-6) and Yuma Horiuchi (9-4). This will be the most exciting matchup of the event and the perfect way for fight fans to start their year watching and betting on this matchup.

MMA Betting Preview for LFA 149 | Bunes vs. Horiuchi

Betting Odds Breakdown

The slight betting favorite going into this fight night is the Japanese prospect Yuma Horiuchi at around -115. This is a good line for him because he has experience going 5-rounds for a title in LFA against a very good Charles Johnson, who is now killing it in the UFC.

Horiuchi is a world-class kickboxer and brings a very exciting style to the flyweight division. He has shown in the past that he can make changes during a fight and come out with a new game plan. That is a big factor in 5-round main event fights.

Bunes has had his betting line creep into the minus territory and is now the -105 underdog. The opening lines had him at around +150. This is an interesting trend moving closer to fight night. Keep an eye on this line as it moves into fight day. 

Fight Breakdown

As stated before, Horiuchi is a great kickboxer with a very exciting style. We have seen him face adversity in the cage at a young age, and he has done a great job of handling it and bouncing back.

In Horiuchi’s fight against Donavon Frelow, he was deducted one point for an alleged cage grab with no warnings. Then within seconds of that, he was knocked down and looked to be in big trouble. He had the awareness to get his opponent in his guard, then grab an arm and finish the fight with an arm bar. This shows how dangerous he is in any position.

Bunes is a Pitbull Brothers product that has trained with that team in Brazil for years. He is a short, stocky, tough grappler with a lot of power in his hands. He likes to get his opponents on the ground and grind them out into submission. 

Bunes has had some bad luck in the LFA with getting opponents. He has lost fights due to weight misses, injuries, and sickness. Now he has a chance for his first shot at LFA gold against a young but experienced fighter from Japan. 

Both these fighters are two of the most exciting athletes that have yet to reach the UFC. They are going to battle it out in front of a crowd with the LFA strap on the line and with eyes on them from all the big promotions. What a perfect way to kick off 2023 in MMA.

We won’t give a full prediction, but both men have different paths to victory this weekend. Horiuchi can get the job done by hurting Bunes on the feet and putting him away. Also, Horiuchi might have a better chance of winning on the scorecards with his volume striking and solid technique from his back. 

Bunes will look to take this fight to the ground and submit Horiuchi. A big-time finish from either fighter might call for a signing to a bigger promotion. 


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