Four MMA Events this Week: Where to Put your Money and Win Big

Four MMA Events this Week: Where to Put your Money and Win Big

It’s another huge week in the MMA, with no less than 4 different events coming your way as we head into the weekend. All those events means that you are looking at a ton of betting opportunities, which could also potentially mean the possibility of mismanaging your bankroll. We know that it’s always tempting to wager on every fight, especially when you are watching live, but that is not the way to go if you are looking to maximize your profits and close out the week with some big wins under your belt. We want you to beef up your bankroll over the next few days, but what is the best way to do that? Let’s take a look at some tips so you can get ready to bet against MyBookie’s MMA odds.

MMA Betting Analysis for This Week’s Events

Manage Your Money

How much you follow MMA could well determine how you manage your money. Casual fans might watch UFC events and nothing else, while others will almost certainly be watching the events from the UFC, Bellator, KSW, and LFA this week. This is important, as it will determine how you wager. If you know nothing about LFA, for example, do you really think it’s wise to start throwing money at bouts based on the odds alone? Stick to the organizations and fighters that you know well and wager on the fights that appear to have the best value.

Pick and Choose Your Fights

In many of the lesser known fighting organizations, you are going to see fights early on in the main card that feature fighters in their 2nd or 3rd pro fight. These are always the toughest to handicap, simply because there is not enough information to go on to make an informed selection. These are the types of fights that I would avoid when it comes time to wager, as there are plenty more out there where you can look at recent form and style of victory to get an idea of which way to go.

Use Online Resources

If you are bound and determined to wager on as many fights as possible, then at least take the time to do some research before you spend your money. There are a ton of great MMA sites out there, such as Tapology and MMA Mania, where you can get as much information as you need about a specific fighter or matchup. You might well just find a little detail or nugget that turns a fight you might otherwise skip into one that is as close to a sure thing as it gets.

Don’t Just Go For Straight Up Wins

One of the great things about betting on MMA is that there is more than one way to wager. Rather than simply picking a straight up winner at mediocre odds, look into fight histories of fighters to see how a fight might go. For example, if you have a pair of fighters who are KO artists and never go beyond the 1st or 2nd round, look at the OVER/UNDER. Similarly, do that with fighters who have a habit of going the distance. I also like picking out maybe 3 or 4 fights that I feel confident about and putting together a parlay ticket. Winning that alone can make your fight week a winning one.