Invicta FC 49: Delboni vs DeCoursey Betting Analysis & Predictions

Invicta FC 49: Delboni vs DeCoursey Betting Analysis & Predictions

Invicta FC 49 is taking place this Wednesday in Oklahoma, with an atomweight title fight headlining the event. Jessica Delboni (12-3) will be defending her Invicta belt against Jillian DeCoursey (5-3) in a 5-round main event.

Sugar Creek Casino will be absolutely jumping with a rowdy crowd to watch this card full of fights, especially with a big underdog fighting for a title. UFC Fight Pass is where to go to stream this event and follow your bets. Let’s jump right into action so you can get all set to make your bets against the Invicta Odds.

MMA Betting Preview for Invicta FC 49: Delboni vs DeCoursey

Jessica Delboni

Delboni has had two straight dominant victories in Invicta FC, which led her to be crowned top of the atomweight division. With not many organizations having an atomweight class, she is facing the best of the best and coming out on top.

She is the big betting favorite for many reasons. With odds at -400, Delboni knows she is tougher, faster, and more dangerous than most of the atomweights out there

Delboni is a pressure fighter with quick hands and a lot of power. She will walk her opponents down and let her hands go when she is at her best. This will be a lot to handle for anybody that steps in the cage with Delboni any time soon.

Jillian DeCoursey

DeCoursey has a great career story to be told on fight week. She has been told by many people around her that she is not good enough to fight for a career, and she is looking at this title shot as her chance to prove everybody wrong. 

She had one of the most spectacular knockouts in Invicta FC history in her last bout, earning her a title shot. Her right hook connected on Lindsey VanZandt in just one minute of the first round, putting her to sleep instantly. 

At 38 years old, you would think athleticism would be an issue for DeCoursey. She has proven the doubters wrong with some high-level footwork in the cage, and that might just be the perfect thing to combat the offensive attack from Delboni. 

Betting Prediction

With Delboni being the big favorite, there isn’t really much value in her to pick the moneyline in this one. If you are betting on Invicta fights, you might as well make it an interesting pick because of all the lack of information that oddsmakers have on these athletes.

It would be a cool story, and a big win for DeCoursey if she pulls this one off. I like her hand speed, her heart, and the way she moves around the cage. Go with the big underdog pick at +300 to come out on top and shock the world in this one.

Look for DeCoursey to move around the cage and stay in the center as much as she can against Delboni. She will work behind her calf kicks and hopefully will find a home for her jab all night to set up some big shots. Also, watch for DeCoursey catching Delboni blitzing in and hurting her.

DeCoursey seems more motivated than anyone and ready to leave it all out there in the Invicta cage to win this title. A 3rd round TKO is the final prediction for this one; enjoy the fights.


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