NBA 2022 Championship Odds & Analysis Update: Nets Still Favorites Despite Being 8th in the Standings

NBA 2022 Championship Odds & Analysis Update: Nets Still Favorites Despite Being 8th in the Standings

With the NBA season still little more than a couple of weeks old, we are well aware that it is much too early to be talking about the Finals and potential winners. Teams that have come out hot may well eventually go cold, while early favorites who are struggling to get a foothold may well come good as the season wears on. The NBA season is a marathon and not a sprint, so expect to see some changes to the standings in the coming weeks and months. That said, it is fun to check out the NBA Championship odds throughout the season to get an idea of how things change. In fact, now might be the time to wager on the team you like, as the odds may not end up moving in your favor. For now, let’s take a look at the current NBA Championship odds.

Updated NBA 2022 Championship Betting Odds | November 3rd Edition

Brooklyn Nets (+260)

Last season, there was an expectation that COVID would have an impact on the NBA season. That has lessened somewhat in 2021, but it is still having an impact in ways that we did not expect. One of the biggest stories can be found with the Brooklyn Nets, where Kyrie Irving has refused to be vaccinated and thus left off the team. With Irving out of the lineup, the Nets have gotten off to a sluggish start, going 4-3 through their opening 7 games, which leaves them sitting down in the #8 spot in the Eastern Conference. There is no word on whether Irving will change his stance, but you do feel that the Nets will find a way to dig out of an early hole even if he does not come back.

LA Lakers (+400)

After winning a championship in 2019, the LA Lakers had a bit of a nightmare season last year. In fairness, they were hammered by injuries to LeBron and Anthony Davis, as well as some other key personnel. They looked to strengthen their squad by signing up a who’s who of veteran players this offseason, but those moves are not quite paying off just yet. Sideline squabbles and a lack of consistency have been the story early on, although the Lakers are now above .500 at 4-3. It may take a minute for this group to gel, so they certainly deserve to still be among the favorites.

Milwaukee Bucks (+800)

It is never easy to repeat as champion, as there is a massive target on your back every time you take the court in the following season. At time of writing, the Bucks are on a 3-game losing skid that has dropped them to 3-4 and has them below the playoff line. It is much too early to start pushing the panic button, as it’s not that uncommon to see the defending champions start the season with a bit of a hangover. I expect the Bucks to come good as the season progresses.

Golden State Warriors (+900)

It wasn’t so very long ago that the Golden State Warriors were the team to beat in the NBA. All signs would seem to point towards the Warriors being championship ready again this season. They are off to a 5-1 start, which has them sitting 2nd in the Western Conference. The conference is loaded again this season, so it will be interesting to see of the Warriors are indeed for real.

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